Yesterday, Hollie re-started our daily feature of singles with six awesome tracks. Today, we re-boot The Matinee with the January 12th edition. If you’ve been following us for a little while, you will notice that there are some familiar names. And of course, there are some new names you ought to know.


Feels – “If You’d Meet Me Tonight” (Helsinki, Finland)

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FEELS - If You'd Meet Me TonightEvery year, there’s a surprise a electro-pop band that bursts on the scene. Phantogram, CHVRCHES, and GEMS are just a few names. Helsinki’s Feels could be this year’s band. Comprised of Sofi Meronen (vocals), Mikael Myrskog (keyboard), and Jooel Jons (producer), the trio are getting set to drop their debut EP in a few singles. They’ve released two songs from the album, most recently the stuttering ditty “Weightless” (hear it here) and “If You’d Meet Me Tonight”. The latter is a scintillating, cool single that leaves you gasping for a breath as Meronen’s angelic voice rises above the atmospheric soundscapes provided by Myrskog and Jons. Their sound resonates with the haunting beauty of last year’s gems Priest and Canadian favorites Purity Ring.

Their debut EP, Butterflies, is expected in mid-February. Exact date to be confirmed soon.

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IDestroy – “Vanity Loves Me” (Bristol, UK)

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IDestroy - Vanity Loves MePeople better get ready for IDestroy, a three-piece, all-women band from Bristol, UK. Their cathartic sound is founded in the riot grrl anthems of Sleater-Kinney. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to the “Vanity Loves Me”, which is the title track of their forthcoming debut EP. It’s an edgy, gritty, yet infectious single, but one with a social conscience focused on today’s increasingly materialistic society. It’s a song that the Olympia, Washington legends crafted a couple of decades ago.

IDestroy are Bec Jevons (vocals/guitar), Becky Baldwin (bass/backing vocals), and Jenn Haneef (drums). Their debut EP, Vanity Loves Me, will be released on February 26th.

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Matt Kivel – “Violets” (Los Angeles, USA)

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Matt Kivel - VioletsWe’ve previously shared tracks from Matt Kivel‘s forthcoming album, Janus, including the stunning “Jamie’s”. The latest single, “Violets”, is similarly gorgeous. The sweeping track tinges with psychedelia and 70s soft rock, giving it a warm feel that completely grabs your attention, much like the music of Woods. The song is further evidence of the transformation of Kivel, whose previous songs had a bit more experimental tinge to them. Through the first three singles he’s released for Janus, however, he’s adopted a more melodic and intimate approach. The results, consequently, have been stunning, and these tracks have set up Janus to be one of the biggest surprises of the year.

Kivel’s new album comes out February 5th via Driftless Recordings.

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Philco Fiction – “Runimals” (Oslo, Norway)

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Philco Fiction - RunimalsOne of the great, under-the-radar bands to emerge over the past couple of years is Norway’s Philco Fiction. They have a knack for creating electro-pop songs that have a bedroom intimacy yet are vibrant and sometimes even euphoric, as evidenced on their latest single, “Runimals”. The track is a little different, though, combining electronic beats with a horn section. The song, is such, is a wonderful collision of the past and present, merging the orchestral pop of the ’50s that Natalie Prass successfully reintroduced last year with contemporary rhythms and beats. It’s a fantastic interpretation of pop music, showing once again that the foursome of Turid Alida Solberg; Bjarne Chr. B.B. Gustavsen; and Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød remain ahead of the game.

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Rathborne – “Losing It” (Brooklyn, USA)

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Rathborne - Losing ItHe might have a new look to pair with his new sound, but Maine-native Luke Rathborne and his band Rathborne return with one heck of new song. “Losing It” retains the ’80s pop sound that Rathborne created on his terrific album Soft, but he’s infused a bit of funk, soul, and R&B on this sugary number. He also adopts a falsetto, and the overall combination creates a sound that is one part Prince, one part Diane Coffee (the project of Foxygen’s Shaun Fleming), and Astronauts, etc. If this is the new Rathborne, can’t wait to hear what is next.

If you would like to learn more about Luke Rathborne, take a read of this extensive interview he did with us a couple of years ago.

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Tender – “Afternoon” (London, UK)

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Tender - "Afternoon"Back in October, Wendy shared “Bleed”, a track by then little known, electronic duo Tender. The song grabbed our attention along with thousands of others. They’re returned with another great song, “Afternoon”. It is a dark, haunting number, yet it has that crushing, cataclysmic feeling where you sense your soul is being taken over by something supernatural. Supernatural – maybe that’s the only way to describe Dan and James, the two guys behind Tender.

“Afternoon” is the lead single from their forthcoming, second EP, EPII. It drops February 12th and a possible tour will follow. More details to come in the next couple of weeks.

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