While the electronic music scene is filled with producers in their teens and twenties, Niclas Wennström, who goes by the moniker Strawberrybacon, is proof that it’s never too late to get started in the business. It’s not that Wennström is old; he’s still only 30 years old. It took him some time, however, to answer his true calling. After graduating from university, he did what most people would do – get a job. But after several years focused on his career within the corporate business offices of Gothenburg, Sweden native, he decided to focus more on creating music, drawn to the flexibility and futuristic qualities of EDM.

While Wennström still has a day job, he’s making a name for himself within Sweden’s underground house, club, and electronic scenes. His approach is one that focuses on deep beats and bass lines coupled with startling synths, keys, and at times the piano. It’s music that can be surprisingly ambient in its nature and lush, a la Tycho, or stirring and euphoric like Flume.

For his latest single, he’s taken a different turn, and we are extremely pleased to premiere it today. Taking Toronto-based, soul singer Liz Loughrey‘s cover of Sia‘s “Alive”, he’s turned the quiet pop tune and transformed it into a sultry, hypnotic track. he track is stirring and captivating, as it combines the coolness of R&B, the hypnotism that often accompanies a tantalizing house beat, the chill factor of pop music, and the smokiness of soul. It’s a song made for those dark, quiet nights where all you can hear is the breath and heartbeat of your lover lying next to you. Sensual, smooth, stunning, “Alive” will stir your soul. Hear the track below.

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