It’s hard to believe we’ll be coming up on three weeks this weekend since we lost one of the greatest influences in music period. Although the Starman is gone, his legend will live forever. There are numerous covers and tributes that have come out since January 10th, and we are sharing one of our favorites from Austin’s own Spoon.

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It seems as if Mr. Daniel  just pulled out a guitar and sang from his heart for Mr. Bowie which makes it awesome and beautiful. It has been amazing to hear all of the wonderful stories about how Mr. Bowie influenced musicians and even changed their lives as Trent Reznor attributes Mr. Bowie to helping him get clean. And then there’s the funniest video ever with Mr. Bowie and Ricky Gervais.

There are a handful of celebrity deaths that have affected me, deaths of someone that achieved great things and made this earth better after they left it. It’s always hard when they are deaths of those that are gone too soon. The last time I recall weeping for someone I had never personally met was Mr. Robin Williams, and now Mr. Bowie. I promise next week will be non related Bowie covers.

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