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The Matinee February 2nd


The Matinee February 2nd follows in the Melodic Tonic’s footprints by offering six great singles that would be rated high on the melodic barometer. It’s going to be another great week of sharing fantastic music, and kicking things off is a woman who is bringing the past to the present.


Badlands – “Echo” (Malmö / Stockholm, Sweden)

Badlands - "Echo"

Once again Sweden comes through with an artist making gorgeous, dreamy music. Badlands is the project of singer-songwriter Catharina Jaunviksna, but her music isn’t quite the typical dream-folk or dream-pop that many of her fellow musicians have released. Instead, her music could be considered a conduit between the past and present. Her latest single, “Echo”, is part ’80s new wave and part present-day electro-pop, blending the sounds made famous by New Order, Grimes, and Purity Ring. Like these artists, Jaunviksna shows a deft touch in bringing together multiple layers and textures into one cohesive song. Can she do this for an entire album? We’ll out soon as her new album, Locus, is expected in April.

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Gone Gone Beyond – “Back Swing” (New York City, USA)

The Human Experience - "Back Swing"Bringing together a variety of musicians together from the NYC music scene, DJ and producer David Block has established The Human Experience project. Sort of the musical equivalent of Humans of New York, The Human Experience focuses on highlighting the diversity of music in the Big Apple. One such product from this project is Gone Gone Beyond, which is collaboration between Paul Weinfield (guitar) and Danny Musengo (vocals/guitar). One of their first singles is the gritty, soulful “Back Swing”, which features Block on production. The song is like an entire day living in NYC encapsulated in 3 1/2 minutes. This song would be great as a closer for Person of Interest or any NYC-based television show.

“Back Swing” is from Gone Gone Beyond’s self-titled EP, which can be heard on SoundCloud.

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James Supercave – “Burn” (Los Angeles, USA)

James Supercave - "Burn"

James Supercave is a Los Angeles-based trio that is aiming to create a far-out psychedelic pop song. Their new single, “Burn”, isn’t your typical psychedelic tune. Instead of being the dreamy or lush sound we’ve become accustomed to hearing, it is, instead, a groovier song highlighted by its awesome, pulsating bassline and frontman Joaquin Pastor’s unique voice. The track is a mix of Portugal. The Man’s indie-pop escapes and Gotye’s oft-kilter indie-pop approach, two other acts that have put their own stamp on indie-pop. James Supercave is now doing the same.

“Burn” is from James Supercave’s forthcoming, debut album Better Strange, which will be released February 12 via Fairfax Recordings. James Supercave are Joaquin Pastor, Patrick Logothetti, and Andrés Villalobos.

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Katy Carmichael – “Seams” (Los Angeles / Nashville, USA)

Katy Carmichael - "Seams"Do you remember in 2012 when Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor become a worldwide phenomenon? You might better know here as Lorde. The then 16-year old amazed people with her mature songwriting and multi-genre sound that resonated with people across generations. Now remember the name Katy Carmichael, who similarly is creating music well beyond her twenty years of age. “Seams” is her debut single that resounds with Lorde’s breadth of multiple layers and textures to captivate the listener, Daughter’s haunting and ethereal poignancy, and Sharon Van Etten’s intimate and vulnerable songwriting. Repeat after me, Katy Carmichael.

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The Orielles – “Jobin” (Halifax / Liverpool, UK)

The Orielles - "Jobin"The Orielles, the trio comprised of sisters Esme and Sid Hand-Halford and friend Henry Wade, are doing their part to make us forget about the cold, dreary days before us. With their melodic and infectious blend of jangle and surf-pop, the trio are bringing a much-needed dose of sonic sunshine into our lives. Their new single, “Jobin”, is a smile-inducing, easy-going track highlighted by the glistening guitars and the sisters’ terrific harmonies. The song could be the beautiful life form born out of a marriage between The Beach Boys and Mac DeMarco, arriving with the purpose to bring joy to all those who take the time to listen.”Jobin” is the lead single and title track from The Orielles’ forthcoming EP, which drops March 25th via Art is Hard.

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Terribly Yours – “No Genius” (Brooklyn, USA)

Terribly Yours - "No Genius"

The past year has been life-changing for Sean Bones, the under-the-radar musician who has released music under his own name and Sam Champion. He’s become a father, which in itself can instantly change a person, and he has revived his music career after taking a break that lasted over a year. For his return to the stage, he has opted perform as Terribly Yours.

His latest single under the new moniker is the lo-fi pop gem, “No Genius”. On the track, you can hear Bones’ fears of moving forward and encountering the changes before him, almost as if he’s trying to lower expectations of those around him. Yet on this single, he’s only raised the bar on what is to come with his bedroom, indie-pop sound, which shares a striking familiarity with American Wrestlers. If Bones’ future work retains the intimacy, warmth, and honesty of this first single, his Terribly Yours project may not just be life-changing but life-affirming.

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