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The Matinee February 3rd


The Matinee February 3rd is full of electrified indie pop along with some indie rock.  It is the perfect playlist to get you through your week on this lovely humpday. These songs were chosen with the summer in mind. Each one of these tracks could be added to your upcoming warm weather playlist. The playlist is inadvertently a west coast showing with most from LA, one from Brooklyn and another artist from the UK.


DREAMERS – “Drugs” (Brooklyn, USA)

DREAMERS - "Drugs"

Dreamers share their latest from their brand new EP which is out on Friday. “Drugs” is actually speaking about the addiction with social media.

Nick Wold shared with The Fader a bit about the track: “Often we get hooked and lose track of life in the moment, and of the natural world. It is the addiction of our generation.”

“Drugs” will be a perfect song to add to your summer driving playlist. Dreamers is currently on tour, you can check out tour dates here.

Their new EP, You Are Here, drops this Friday, February 5th via Fairfax Recording.

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De’Nova – “Brighter Days” (Manchester, UK)

DE'NOVA - "Brighter Days"

De’Nova are a UK based band and they have just recently shared their most recent track, “Brighter Days”.

The song is uplifting and showcases their knack for anthemic indie rock and meaningful songwriting. The trio from Manchester are combining their various multicultural backgrounds which incorporate the spirit of the Philippines, passion of Italy and quirks of Ireland. The band have an unquestionable drive and focus when it comes to nurturing their music.

“Brighter Days” is off of their upcoming EP release titled Young Hearts which will be out March 4, 2016.

De’Nova are Kevin Daos, Luca Nardella, and Sam Hardman.

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Freedom Fry – “The Words” (Los Angeles, USA)

Freedom Fry - "The Words"

Freedom Fry is back with a brand new song titled “The Words”.

The track is full of laid back electronic beats and scuzzy synth. The song melds old school disco beats with a bit of psychedelic vibes.

The track speaks to a relationship where you want to know if it has reached that important next level where you want to hear the words “I Love You”.

Freedom Fry is comprised of husband and wife duo Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll. We look forward to hearing more from Freedom Fry in 2016.

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RKCB – “Future Being” (Los Angeles, USA)

RKCB - "Future Being"

RKCB are an LA based electronic duo comprised of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth are they are back with brand new music.

They released their Short Films EP last year and now have a new single released with “Future Being”.

The track is a modern day love song with soulful vocals and vibey synths.  It captures your full attention while setting your mood to instant chill mode. It is a great addition to any relaxing playlist.

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Satchmode – “Don’t Give Up On Me” (Los Angeles, USA)

Satchmode - "Don't Give Up On Me"

“Don’t Give Up On Me” is the newest from LA based duo Satchmode comprised of Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis.

The track is saturated in sweet synths and dreamy vocals but the lyrical tone is much more serious than the airy vibes the song emits.

Satchmode shares a bit about the track: “Don’t Give Up On Me” is a much faster, higher energy song than anything we have released before. But it still centers around familiar themes: regret and pain about a broken relationship, and desperate denial about the state of things.”

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VOKES – “Cruel Game” (Los Angeles, USA)

VOKES - "Cruel Game"

“Cruel Game” is the debut single from Los Angeles based VOKES.

VOKES is L.A.-based artist Mike Harris who is entering into the ever growing landscape of solo artists that can produce those ever addicting pop tracks that continue to rack up plays and fans on various music sites.

“Cruel Game” has a vibe similar to Lost Boy Crow with an 80s synth sensibility. We are sure we will be hearing more from Mr. Harris in 2016 and we are looking forward to it. This is another one you can throw into your warm summer feel good playlist.

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  1. Nice list! My attention for Dreamers and De’Nova’s songs. Very cool! Thank you.

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