In just over a year since formally launching their project, West Florida trio Union Sky have become one of the cyberworld’s biggest little bands. Their debut single, “Close My Eyes”, was spun nearly 40,000 times on SoundCloud while the video was viewed over 27,000 times on YouTube. Those are huge numbers for a band just starting out.

They rode the wave of “Close My Eyes” to release their debut EP, Champagne, which was another hit – both in the internet and commercially. And Union Sky have done all this will no support from a label and very little media hype. Instead, they’ve achieved their success the old-fashion way – creating music that not only appeals to people but also pushes the boundaries and through hard work in spreading their music to people.

Now don’t think Cory Moore, Steele Strader, and Matthew Kerley are just another boy band. This trio is following in the footsteps of The Weeknd in merging electronic music, R&B, and hip hop with dazzling effects. It is music, as such, that is intended to provoke and stimulate the mind, remembering the most endearing moments in one’s life and reiterating the importance of hope, belief, and love. Their new single, “Open Space”, is arguably the best track they have written to date and we are pleased to premiere it today.

While “Open Space” opens with a heart-racing pace, the underlying darkness that encompasses the song creates a hypnotic, almost trance-like effect. The song then revs down significantly, almost coming to a full stop in its middle portion. You’re left breathless, awaiting for the plot to unfold in the love affair. And even during the song’s climatic finish, we’re left wondering what has happened. In just over four minutes, we are taken from a state of ecstasy to one of confusion to one of cautious hope. This talent to produce such contrasting feelings in a short amount of time is a talent only a few artists have mastered, and it is why Union Sky will soon be among electronic-R&B’s biggest acts in the coming months.

“Open Space” is the lead single from Union Sky’s forthcoming, twin-single project, which will be released on Friday, February 12th, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The other single, “Replay”, will be shared at that time. The lyrics for the “Open Space” are below.

Follow the band on their social media sites, which are below, to find out where to purchase the split single. Or better yet, check out their Bandcamp page next Friday.

Website –
Facebook – Union Sky
Twitter – @unionskymusic
Instagram – @unionskyofficial


“Open Space” Lyrics:

Only fools rush in
…heard ’em say
Night will fade we promise
Drink of love while it last
…quickly comes the morning
But I…

Wake me up now
So much sweeter than a buzz
I pull your soul into my body
It’s all I think of
Wake me up now
In the middle of the sea
I don’t need heaven, I don’t need a dream
When you’re here with me

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