Music, Singles, The Revue — February 5, 2016 at 8:00 am

The Matinee February 5th


The Matinee February 5th is a special playlist curated by Douglas McConnell. He loves music just like everyone here at The Revue.  Today’s playlist includes worldbeats, synth driven indie pop, dream pop,  indie rock along with neo driven psych rock. There is something for everyone on today’s Matinee.

Baaba Maal – “Gilli Men” (Senegal)

Baaba Maal - "Gilli Men"

Baaba Maal, the Senegalese singer, songwriter and guitarist celebrates life and culture on his eleventh release of moving afro pop and African Tradition, The Traveller.

“Gilli Men” is full of world beats and tradition with most songs being sung in the Pulaar language.

“Gilli Men” is taken from Baaba Maal’s new album, The Traveller, which is available now.

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Eliot Sumner – “Species” (London, UK)

Eliot Sumner - "Species"

“Species” is the newest from Eliot Sumner who is an accomplished artist, model and she also happens to be Sting’s daughter.

The track is full of heavy synth and beats with an industrial flair throughout (think New Order and Nine Inch Nails).

“Species” is off of Sumner’s debut album, Information which was released last month and is available for purchase now on i-Tunes.

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Joseph Sant – “Nor’easter” (Brooklyn, USA)

Joseph Sant - "Nor'easter"

Joseph Sant is an Oregon native now living in Brooklyn.  His breathy and driving debut ep, Sea White Salt includes the stellar track “Nor’easter”.

“Nor’easter” is anthemic, airy and dreamy. The track reels you in with Sant’s breathy and inviting vocals. The song is somewhat of experience and seasons, which seems too be a them throughout the EP.

You can purchase Mr. Sant’s Sea White Salt on i-Tunes for the cost of your daily Starbucks fix.

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Mercury Rocket – “Nepalimore” (Dallas, USA)

Mercury - "Rocket Nepalimore"

Mercury Rocket is mind bending psych gaze from this Dallas Texas trio.

“Nepalimore” is over 7 minutes of mind blowing psych saturated shoegaze that forces you to be fully present while listening. “Nepalimore” takes you on a trip you won’t soon forget.

Mercury Rocket is comprised of Graham Brotherton – Drums, Krissy Arnold – Bass
and Ben Fleming – Vox, Guitar.

“Nepalimore” is from their debut album, Mindbenders, which is out now via Moon Sounds Records and Dreamy Soundz Records.

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The Society of Rockets – “Telescopic Man” (San Francisco, USA)

The Society of Rockets - "Telescopic Man"

The Society of Rockets are from San Francisco and they recently started sharing tracks on their soundcloud account.

“Telescopic Man” is about everyone wanting to be bigger than who they really are. The track reminds of early 60s rock and includes some disco vibes throughout.

“Telescopic Man” is from a collection of EPs that was supposed to released on an album titled Populuxe. The Society of Rockets now have new material with their upcoming release titled Plutonium Blues.

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WALL – “Cuban Cigars” (New York City, USA)

WALL - "Cuban Cigars"

“Cuban Cigars” is from WALL’s self-titled, debut EP, which is available now via Wharf Cat Records. Hear it in its entirety on SoundCloud.

“Cuban Cigars” is an awesome track which reminds of a mix of early 90s greats like the B-52s or going back a little futher, Devo comparisons are also present.

WALL are Vanessa Gomez (drums), Vince McClelland (guitar/vocals), Elizabeth Skadden (bass/vocals), and Sam York (vocals/guitar).


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