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The Matinee February 9th


The Matinee February 9th edition features new music from artists in five countries, including musicians in the country I currently call home and one from my homeland. Each song is a little different from the other, but they are all cracking tunes and some of the best songs we’ve heard this year, which is saying something.

Fanfickk – “Shreds” (Auckland, New Zealand)

Fanfickk - "Shreds"Kicking things off is Fanfickk, a relative newcomer to the indie music scene. Based out of Auckland, Fanfickk released her debut EP, Stay Shy, last month. From the album is “Shreds”, a shimmering electro-pop track that has a touch of Grimes, a dash of Goldfrapp, a sprinkle of Zola Jesus, and a whole lot of Kiwi spirit. Her EP is a pretty great debut mixing electronic flourishes with fantastic melodies. The sky is the limit for this emerging star.

Here the entire EP on SoundCloud or pay what you want on Bandcamp.

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Joy Crookes – “New Manhattan” (London, UK)

Joy Crookes - "New Manhattan"When you take a listen to “New Manhattan” by south London native Joy Crookes, you probably think she’s a veteran singer-songwriter who has been performing in many of the British capital’s soul and jazz bars. Her smooth, sultry voice is absolutely stunning, one that sends chills down your spine. Crookes, though, is only 17-years old and among of a new wave of fabulous vocalists and songwriters, such as Bitter’s Kiss, Cloves, and Keeva. She has the voice to be singing the theme song to a 007 movie, which is exactly what “New Manhattan” could be – a cinematic, dramatic, and suspenseful love affair. This should have been the theme song for the last Bond movie.

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Laura Jean Anderson – “It Won’t Be Long” (Los Angeles via Olympia, USA)

Laura Jean Anderson - "Over & Over Again"Back in October when we heard Laura Jean Anderson‘s “Take Me In”, she reminded us of Neko Case with her alt-country sensibilities and a remarkable voice. Just a few days ago, the native of Olympia, Washington also re-released, “Over & Over Again”, which was originally shared in August of last year. And yesterday, Anderson unveiled “It Won’t Be Long”, another awesome track that echoes of Case’s early work (think Blacklisted-era songs) and another great, underrated singer-songwriter Shelby Earl. Like these two artists, Anderson is masterful in creating intimacy and immediacy with her music, even on this slow-building, euphoric track. It’s another stunning track by Anderson, making us question – why haven’t we shared more of her music? Better late than never I guess, and we now patiently await Anderson’s debut album.

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Masasolo – “Really Thought She Loved Me” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Masasolo - "Really Thought She Loved Me"What do you get if you put Kevin Parker co-fronting Unknown Mortal Orchestra? You get Masasolo, a brand new band from Copenhagen. The brainchild of Morten Søgaard, who is joined by Jacob Haubjerg and Olaf Olsen, Masasolo’s first single is the stunning and dazzling “Really Thought She Loved Me”. The track has that cool, soothing, psychedelic-pop melody that UMO have become known for while Søgaard’s voice strikingly resembles the Tame Impala frontman’s. Remember this track because it has a great chance of being recognized as one of the best songs of the year.

This is Masasolo’s debut single and the first from their forthcoming EP, which will be released this fall via Antiphonics.



Sulk – “The Tape Of You” (London, UK)

Sulk - "The Tape Of You"Brit-pop hasn’t sounded this dazzling since Suede was topping the charts in the UK. In that same mold is Sulk, who exploded on the scene in 2013 with their dreamy, shoegaze pop sound. Their new single “The Tape of You” is a gorgeous example of why many people are eagerly anticipating their new album. The song slowly weaves through a wave of distorted vocals and a breathtaking, crystalline guitars before reaching its lush and majestic climax. If their sophomore album No Illusions is anything like “The Tape of You”, we’ll be in for a fantastic treat.

Sulk’s sophomore LP drops April 15th via Perfect Sound Forever.

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Twin River – “Antony” (Vancouver & Montreal, Canada)

Twin River - "Antony"When we received Twin River‘s latest single, “Antony”, our reactions were, “Oooh!”, “Oh yeah!”, and “YES!!! Awesome sound!” The song is layered with the sounds and influences of multiple influences – basically a lush, guitar-driven, pop-rock song that is immersive from the very first to late note and completely mesmerizing. In other words, Twin River have taken all the things that we love about DIIV, The War on Drugs, and Blouse and put them together in this tantalizingly brilliant number. It is arguably the best song the Canadian quintet have written, which is saying something since their debut LP, Should The Light Go Out, was pretty special.

“Antony” is available via Vancouver indie label Light Organ Records.

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