We’ve been fortunate this week to share some excellent new music by rising bands and artists across the globe. It’s not often, though, that we have the opportunity to premiere a video whose stunning imagery matches the beauty of the song. Today, though, we have the fortune and privilege to introduce “War Horse”, a single by Copperfox remixed by electronic duo D’ark.

The song is majestic. It is the sound of an abandoned street at night where the only voice that can be heard is in the one in your heard. It is your deepest thoughts and fears speaking to you, yet you still look over your shoulder. That solitary, uneasy feeling we all experience, yet there is an inner peace. It is an unexpected calmness where you can collect your thoughts and figure out your biggest dilemmas. It is that little glimmer of light in the darkness that provides you with an ounce of hope.

That is “War Horse”. A song that haunts your mind and stays there. The stunning voice you hear belongs to Lisa Garcia, who is supported by the spatial guitar of Rory Mohon and the brilliant production work of D’ark. The track is meditative yet transfixing. It is introspective yet immersive.

The video, likewise, is a beautiful piece of art. Filmed by Joey Ciccoline, the video showcases the Martian-like landscape at the summit of Maui’s Haleakala Volcano, the island’s most popular spot to view the sunrise. The setting provides the perfect palette to Copperfox’s ethereal and atmospheric track, transporting us to another realm even if it is on this planet. Be immersed by the video, be mesmerized by “War Horse”.

“War Horse” (D’ark remix) is on Copperfox‘s new EP, Haunts. You can hear the entire EP on SoundCloud or purchase it on Bandcamp or iTunes. The audio version of “War Horse” – the original and remix versions – are below.

For some extra information, the recording of the video in Maui was intentional, as it was the place where Lisa and Rory started writing music together before moving back to Portland. They are now based in Nashville, where they recorded Haunts.


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