In the past year alone, we’ve come across some amazing vocalists. These are artists whose voices just took our collective breath away. Artists who made our knees shake and even crumble from the very first word they sang. As a result, we will never forget their names. Cloves. Bitter’s Kiss. Keeva.

Add the name Korynn O’Connell to the list. The northern California native was born to be a musician. She was born to perform. At the age of 6, she did her first show. She’s performed at Disneyland and participated in choirs. She headed of to Canada’s indie music capital of Montreal to study and refine her talents. She’s now back in San Francisco, taking everything she’s learned to write and produce her debut album.

The first single and the title track is the lovely “Coast to Coast”, which we are pleased to premiere today. The track was written while she was in Montreal, and it is a song about home. It is a song for all of us who have been separated from loved ones too long, where an ache grows in the heart and an emptiness builds. These emotions are depicted in O’Connell’s sultry voice, which is gorgeous yet vulnerable and gives this simple, acoustic number its vitality and its soul. In some ways, “Coast to Coast” is a love song, not your typical Valentine’s Day ballad but still one that proclaims one’s love to all those whom we hold dear.

Korynn will share the video for “Coast to Coast” on Sunday – Valentine’s Day. The EP will be released on March 1st. Check her social media sites for purchasing details.

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Facebook – Korynn O’Connell
Twitter – @korynnoconnell
Instagram – @korynnoconnell

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