Music, Singles, The Revue — February 12, 2016 at 6:00 am

Rendition, episode 2.05


Doe Paoro - The Wind (BAILE Remix) As always, we have a range of remixes on Rendition, preferring those transformations that stun us as oppose to blow us away with overdone beats and synths. That’s why when NYCproducer BAILE releases a remix, our ears perk up. His rendition of Doe Paoro‘s “The Wind” is fantastic, turning it into stunning and hypnotic track. Paoro’s original was already one that stirred the emotions, but BAILE takes it to a whole different level.

Emma Louise - 'Underflow' Little Dragon RemixJust as stunning is Little Dragon‘s remix of Emma Louise‘s “Underflow”. Showing that they are more than just a great indie-pop band, the Swedish group take their mastery of melodies and rhythms and transform the Australian singer’s “Underflow” into a lush and gorgeous number. This remix brilliants melds cool with sultry.


Penguin Prison - Show Me The Way (Bahner Cheerleader Remix)It’s not often that we share a song in consecutive weeks – actually, it’s never happened before until today. Last week, we shared one remix of Penguin Prison‘s “Show Me The Way”, and we offer a different rendition by Carl Bahner, who doubles as the drummer for indie-pop band Cheerleader. On this remix, Bahner turns the poppy tune into a groovy, Motown track. The addition of horns and actual drums turn “Show Me The Way” into a spirited, uplifting song.

Ra Ra Riot - Absolutely (Dim Sum Remix)Keeping that smile on people’s faces is Dim Sum‘s terrific take of Ra Ra Riot‘s “Absolutely”. The light beats and the dabbles of the xylophone turn the pop tune into a cool, sultry song. The Paris-based production duo still retain the original’s upbeat and vibrant sound, but they’ve made it calmer and groovier. It’s the type of song made for swaying on the beach or in a small club, where you can grab your partner close and move in unison to the cool rhythm.

Dominique - I Think I'm Fallin' (Manotett Remix)To close Rendition, we have a terrific remix of NYC-based artist Dominique‘s single “I Think I’m Fallin'”. This sultry and dialed down version is down by Stockholm duo Manotett. Instead of describing this track, I’ll use Dominique’s words, as they perfectly describe our philosophy with remixes.

As my original track was more production heavy, Manotett stripped it down and put the focus on the vocals. The remix is overall laid-back, but still has a nice beat to it. 

Just goes to show that great music doesn’t need to have a whole lot of effects and that even the simplistic and more minimalist approaches, even for electronic music and remixes, can still be spectacular.

Each of the remixes are below along with the social media sites of each artist. Enjoy these stirring numbers and have a safe and wonderful Valentine’s weekend.


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