director: Joachim Trier (Norway)
Bright Nights: The 6th Baltic-Nordic Film Festival (CFI)    
River Building, Carleton University    
Hiding in a dark drama vehicle from Norway, Jesse Eisenberg delivers a staggering performance that tops his ridiculously prolific, yet young career. Sparring with heavyweights Gabriel Byrne and Isabelle Huppert (and excellent newcomer David Druid) , Eisenberg stealthily steals scenes as a multi-facetted, complicated character, wading through classic family tumult: tragedy and birth.
Broken families need fixing, but sometimes there are too many pieces to pick up, and are often broken further during clean up. Nothing new here, but told in a clever manner, unravelling a complicated story that focuses back on the three male characters, each dealing with a major life transition.
“Louder Than Bombs” is jarring in it’s honesty, capturing the nuance of first world, present day generational conflicts, with a third world backdrop.
An important film that lives long after a screening.


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