director:  Mikko Kuparinen (Finland)    
Bright Nights: The 6th Baltic-Nordic Film Festival (CFI)    
Friday, February 19, 2016, 7:00 pm    
River Building Theatre, Carleton University)
Oh hey, the perfect one night stand: a couple of buff travellers from far away lands (Finland, France) on a brief Vilnius stopover, conveniently connect without the awkward hinderance of language. What could go wrong?
How about volcanic ash grounding planes? Ouch. Everyone has hidden baggage, just waiting for that escape flight, but when delays force the issue that luggage starts to come out.
Turns out there’s way more to each of the strangers than meets the eye, and the series of reveals makes for quite a yummy movie. Tackling the age old male/female push and pull battle is twisted smartly here, as attraction and assumption makes for a dicey equation. What starts as a plain romance tale turns into a nifty cat and mouse game that eschews physicality for cerebral ventures.
Relationships, even those quickies, are damn complicated. Who knew?



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