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Today we have 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure to help you get through the middle of your week. We have a great mix of indie rock, synth pop, folk-tinged pop and punk inspired pop. We have most bands representing the US and also Australia.

Brett – “Claire Drained” (Washington, DC)


Brett are from Washington DC. “Claire Drained” is from their upcoming sophomore album titled Mode which will be released via Cascine on March 18. With their new material, pop jams come to life in 3D, swirling the senses and putting the mind into motion.

“Claire Drained” is the perfect track for feeling those warmer and beautiful days. The song encompasses an emotional warmth that is felt throughout the lyrics and feel good guitar riffs.

Brett are Mick, Jon, David, and Scott. Be sure to keep an eye out for new

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Cub Sport – “I’m On Fire” (Brisbane, Australia)


“I’m On Fire” is from the forthcoming and much anticipated new album This Is Our Vice by Australian quartet Cub Sport.

We previously shared “Only Friend” last fall from their previously released EP.  “I’m One Fire” reels you in with it’s dreamy synth, emotional lyrics and hook laden chorus.

This Is Our Vice will be released March 4th, but you can pre-order the album here.

Cub Sport are comprised of Tim Nelson,  Sam Netterfield, Zoe Davis and Dan Puusaari.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

GIRL –  “Another One And Only” (Denver, CO USA)


GIRL is the solo project of Denver based Colleen Lee. “Another One and Only” is  beautiful folk tinged pop. If you dig Bon Iver or Iron & Wine, check out GIRL.

Lee’s beautiful vocals take center stage behind minimal ukulele and super dreamy harmonies.

“Another One and Only” is from GIRL’s recent album release, The Kid From Spain. If you are as mesmerized by Lee’s vocals as we are, you can purchase her album via bandcamp or i-Tunes.

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Halfloves – “It’s Easy To Love” (Iowa City, IA USA)


Indie rock outfit Halfloves begin a new chapter with their forthcoming self-titled record. The Iowa City-based group has spent the past two years working on the album with renowned producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, The Envy Corps).

Halfloves mixes pop sensibilities with heady textures and space to create an emotionally charged sound

“It’s Easy To Love” is a feel good harmony filled track with lyrics that really speak to someone that isn’t fully capable of loving someone else.

“It’s Easy To Love” will be included on their new self-titled album which will be released March 4. Halfloves are Jeff – Guitar/Vocals,  Nate – Bass,  Trevor – Keys, Noel – Drums and Lucas – Lead Guitar.

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Max Jury – “Numb” (Des Moines, IA)


Max Jury is a piano playing singer songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa, who, at 23, is about to release his self titled debut.

“Numb” is a track that encompasses many different genres including gospel, soul, country and rock n’ roll. Jury’s vocals are easy on the ears which makes for the perfect mix needed to reach a wide audience. There is something for everyone with Jury’s musical style.

“Numb” is about Jury’s journey from Iowa to London where he calls London a second home.

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Slingshot Dakota – “Lewlyweds” (Bethlehem, PA)


We are fans of PA based duo Slingshot Dakota. We previously shared “Paycheck” last month and we are back sharing their newest track “Lewlyweds”.

The duo share a bit about the track via NPR’s Songs We Love: “This is the story of the not-quite-punk-or-pop duo Slingshot Dakota, who, after eloping while on tour with the punk band Title Fight, found themselves with a downstairs neighbor from hell and a host of unwanted guests.”

Each track Slingshot Dakota releases has that perfect mix of punk tinged rock-pop that keeps you wanting more and more.

“Lewlyweds” will be on Slingshot Dakota’s third LP, Break which drops March 11th via Topshelf Records. Pre-order it here. Slingshot Dakota are Carly Comando (keyboard / vocals) and Tom Patterson (drums / vocals).

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