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The Matinee February 18th


The Matinee February 18th features some unexpected surprises and some past favorites sharing great new music. Let’s get to it!


The Delicates – “Chimera” (Gold Coast, Australia)

The Delicates - "Chimera"

The Delicates is one of those accidental discoveries while scouring SoundCloud. From Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, the quintet have been featured on Triple J and have become local favorites. But with a shimmering, jangle- and surf-pop sound, as demonstrated on their gorgeous, latest single, “Chimera”, this is a band that has the potential to establish a much broader following – not just Queensland nor even Australia, but much broader. In other words, don’t be surprised if they become identified as Australia’s answer to Best Coast.

Also check out the awesome “Middle Road”, which is like a Courtney Barnett tune but played to a jangle-pop sound.

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Eskimeaux – “Power” (New York City, USA)

Eskimeaux - "Power"

In 2014, Gabrielle Smith – a.k.a. Eskimeaux – had one of our favorite albums of 2014. She returns this year with a new EP, Year of the Rabbit, and the first track is “Power”. The song retains Smith’s quirky indie-pop style, which has that surprisingly intimacy and catchiness. “Power”, though, might be Smith’s most melodic tune to date, glistening with the body-swaying infectiousness of Belle and Sebastian.

Year of the Rabbit is due out April 15th on Double Double Whammy, and it can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

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Flora Cash – “For Someone” (Stockholm, Sweden & Minneapolis, USA)

Flora Cash - "For Someone"

Back in July of last year, we fell head over heels for Flora Cash‘s lush indie-folk. The duo are now back and ready to launch a new album this year. The first single from Can Summer Love Last Forever? is the gorgeous “For Someone”. This song about two lovers – almost like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet but one lasting less than five music – is breathtaking. The harmonies provided by Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj are stunning while the music is elegant and mesmerizing. Imagine if Jim James and Neko Case decided to join forces on an album, it would probably sound as dazzling as “For Someone”.

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Foreign Air – “In The Shadows” (Washington, D.C. and North Carolina, USA)

Foreign Air - "In The Shadows"There’s always a band that comes out of nowhere and surprises you with a brilliant track. It’s like finding $20 in the couch or your jacket pocket, something you didn’t expect but leaves excited. Foreign Air‘s second single, “In The Shadows”, had that same impact on me. And when you take a listen to Jacob Michael and Jesse Classen’s track that blazes with the energy and euphoria of Portugal. The Man, you, too, will be excited. This song is absolutely fantastic.

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Impulsive Hearts – “SVE YRSELF” (Chicago, USA)

Impulsive Hearts - "SVE YRSELF"

This addition to The Matinee isn’t necessarily a new song. “SVE YRSELF” was actually released last year by Chicago-based Impulsive Hearts, the project of Danielle Sines. The song is being re-released as Sines is preparing to release her debut full-length, Sorry in the Summer, and “SVE YRSELF” is the perfect introduction to Sines’ creativity. The song bursts with joyous garage-pop and pops with some gorgeous chrystalline guitars. The song is the sound of summer on the horizon, which often has signified that second chances are to come. And for Sines, her new beginnings will be realizes next Friday, February 26th when Sorry in the Summer is released by Beautiful Strange.

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Vinten – “Creep” (Melbourne, Australia)

Vinten - "Creep"Another song that is getting a second life is “Creep” by Melbourne-based artist Cameron Paice, who goes by the moniker Vinten. From his excellent EP What Has Been, which was released in December, “Creep” is a dark and haunting stunner. It echoes of The Tallest Man on Earth but with a much more harrowing effect. Get to know Vinten, as this young man has an enormous future.

Listen to What Has Been on SoundCloud to hear how talented Paice is.

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