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Rendition, episode 2.06


We’re going to keep things short and sweet for Rendition, episode 2.06. Honestly, who wants to read a bunch of my own thoughts, especially since it’s Friday and you’re just looking forward to starting the weekend. To help you get a great start to the festivities, here are a handful of cool renditions / remixes for your listening pleasure.

Ella Eyre – “Clothes Off” (Sammy Porter Chilled Remix) (London, UK)

We get things started with a remix of a cover. London singer-songwriter Ella Eyre covered Jermaine Stewart’s R&B classic, “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”, in 2015 as part of a series of covers and remixes she shared. This cool, soulful rendition was recently remixed by rising producer, Sammy Porter, who takes the track to even more sultry levels. Given the song’s lyrics, the slowed down, sensual approach is like a tease.

Ella Eyre Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Sammy PorterWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Matt Honkonen – “Sea Of Clouds” (Nomadic Firs Remix) (Knoxville, USA)

This remix is a little different from those that we have shared in the past. Emerging producer Nomadic Firs has made Matt Honkonen‘s “Sea Of Clouds” sound like it is swimming 10,000 feet below the surface. It’s a dreamy remix but where one is immersed in the water as oppose to air. It’s a shimmering remix, one that will relax every sense in your body and have you lose yourself in the subtle brilliance of Nomadic Firs’ production and Honkonen’s voice.

Matt Honkonen Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Nomadic FirsWebsite | Facebook | Twitter


Furniteur – “Falling” (Twin Peaks) (Washington, D.C, USA)

One of the great little finds this week is Furniteur. More accurately, she found us and shared this stunning rendition of the song written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch for Twin Peaks. Whereas the show can be weird, wacky, and puzzling, Furniteur’s artistry – namely the lush melodies and her alluring voice – will take you to places only seen in dreams. It is simply magical.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Keep Shelly In Athens – “Now I’m Ready” (Loframes Remix) (Athens, Greece & London, UK)

Newcomers Loframes will quickly make a name for themselves as an electronic duo to watch, especially as more people hear their remix of Keep Shelly in Athens‘ dream-pop hit, “Now I’m Ready”. Where as the original was lush and dreamy, they’ve turned it into a cool, vibrant track made for dancing in the dark, smokey clubs. However, they haven’t gone overboard, ensuring that the original’s dazzling impact was retained.

Keep Shelly In Athens Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
LoframesWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



Hayley Kiyoko – “This Side Of Paradise” (Blake Straus Remix) (Los Angeles, USA)

LA-based Blake Straus is another up-and-comer in the DJ and producer field. Well, that won’t be for long because his remix of Hayley Kiyoko‘s “This Side of Paradise” is awesome. It’s a scintillating remix that makes the original sound more intimate, more haunting, and more captivating. There are flourishes of EDM, but Straus doesn’t take it over the edge, keeping the song steadily on the path to being one that sticks in one’s mind rather than leaving it all on the dance floor.

Hayley KiyokoWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Blake StrausWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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