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The Matinee February 23rd


The Matinee February 23rd hits two extremes – riveting and explosive rock to haunting and breakthtaking tracks. Not surprisingly, these songs are by artists from across the globe – Australia, Brazil, Canada, the UK, and US. Let’s get started with the return of one Canada’s great rock bands.


Black Mountain – “Mothers Of The Sun” (Vancouver, Canada)

Black Mountain - "Mothers Of The Sun"

They’re back! Canadian rock royalty Black Mountain are getting set to release their aptly titled, fourth full-length, IV (although this could be considered number five if you include Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack). The lead single is the awesome, “Mothers Of The Sun”. This dark yet shimmering rocker sees the Vancouver-based quintet return to the masterful, slow-building epics that occupied their self-titled debut and 2008’s In The Future. There are very few bands who could create a cinematic landscaping through a droning rock approach, but then again Black Mountain aren’t your ordinary rock band.

IV is out April 1st via Jagjaguwar. Black Mountain are Stephen McBean (guitar/vocals), Amber Webber (vocals), Jeremy Schmidt (keyboards), Arjan Miranda (bass/keyboards), and Joshua Wells (drums/keys).

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Leisure Suite – “Shame” (Melbourne, Australia)

Leisure Suite - Shame

Sit back, relax, and let Melbourne duo Leisure Suite take your breath away with their intimate and sultry electro-pop. One of their latest singles, “Shame”, is immaculate. The electronic beats provided by Mitch are sparse and titillating while Bridgette’s voice is haunting yet angelic. It’s a stirring and stunning combination. It’s no wonder why NME, Indie Shuffle, and Triple J have exuded the exploits of Leisure Suite for the past six months.

“Shame” is part of Leisure Suite’s new EP, Lay Low, which is out via Deaf Ambitions. Hear the other two tracks on SoundCloud.

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Lowpines – “Forest Finds” (West London, UK)

Lowpines - "Forest Finds"Stunning. Absolutely stunning. That’s the only thing to say about the “Forest Finds”, the new single from West London-based artist, Lowpines. The young singer-songwriter’s alt-folk style is intimate yet immersive. He is the encapsulation of Elliott Smith and Avi Buffalo, and, thus, an artist to watch for years to come. For “Forest Finds”, he has captured the moment of serenity and calmness one feels after a storm has passed and the first rays of sunlight hits your face. It’s a wonderful feeling.

“Forest Finds” is from Lowpines’ forthcoming EP, That Bridge Washed Away In The Storm, which was produced, not surprisingly, by Avi Buffalo. It drops February 26th. Pre-order it on Lowpines’ Bandcamp site.

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Parisa Louvel – “Savage Turns” (London, UK)

Parisa Louvel - "Savage Turns"Eat your heart out Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, Teri Gender Bender, and Joan Jett, there’s a new rock goddess making a name for herself and she’s called Parisa Louvel. The London-based artist could probably pass as a model, but underneath the beauty is a woman with a fierce, rock personality, as revealed on second single, “Savage Turns”. This intense and powerful tune echoes of Savages’ monstrous debut and the ferocity heard on Le Butcherettes’ albums, and it is one of those rare tracks that has you saying, “F*** yeah!”

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The Psychics – “Psychedelic Soldier” (Nashville, USA via Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The Psychics - "Psychedelic Soldier"Who doesn’t like some scuzzy guitars, fuzzed out vocals, driving bass lines, rhythmic drumming, and a whirling psychedelic vibe a la Brian Jonestown Massacre?  If you’re in that kind of mood, then Nashville-via-Rio de Janeiro The Psychics are your answer. With their debut EP set to drop in a couple of weeks, they’ve shared the first single, “Psychedelic Soldier”,  another anthemic “F*** yeah!” song. This sprawling epic will blow your mind, especially during the wicked guitar solo that starts just after the 3-minute mark and continues for nearly minutes. Is that J. Mascis wailing away? It sure could be.

The 4X3 EP drops March 4th via Tree Machine Records. The Psychics are Jerome on vocals and guitar (he’s keeping with the Brazilian tradition of just sharing his first name); Nick Harley on vocals and guitar; Kate Haldrup providing vocals and on drums; and Jaybird Smith the bassist.

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WILDES – “Bare” (London, UK)

WILDES - "Bare"

Making waves across the interweb the past week is 19-year old Ella Wilde, who goes by the moniker WILDES, and for great reason. Her debut single, “Bare”, is hauntingly beautiful and complex akin to the dense soundscapes of Daughter. Debut songs by 19-year olds aren’t suppose to sound this stunning nor vulnerable, yet Wilde has crafted a tune that has the maturity and endearing quality of an artist ten years her senior. It truly is one of those songs that make you say “Wow!”

“Bare” has been released by Hometown Records.

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