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Pr0files – “Jurassic Technologie”


When a genre grows in popularity, like synth-pop, it becomes extremely difficult for a band to separate itself from the masses. Songs and even albums begin to sound like the other and trying to differentiate one group from the next becomes an arduous task. Now imagine what it’s like for people who write about music and trying to choose which band to feature. In the end, it comes down to trusting your instincts and emotions, asking onself which band’s album moved you physically, emotionally, and psychologically? Who made you reflect on an event or time in your life? Who made you say, “Wow”, and even “Ooh”?

That “Wow” moment for me when listening to Pr0files‘ debut album, Jurassic Technologie, occurred during at the third song, “Call Yourself A Lover”. Originally released more than two years ago when long-time friends Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum reunited to form the band, Sternbaum’s patient production and sparse usage of beats and textures gives the song a dark and haunting effective. It is Pardini’s regretful and sorrowful vocals, however, that gives the song it’s raw emotion.

The “Ooh” moments are plentiful. The one track that stands out from the rest is “Like A Knife”. On the one hand, it is sensual and sultry. On the other hand, there is a slow grace and smoothness to the track, where you feel like your body is easily moving to the hypnotic beats and Pardini’s dazzling vocals. “Forgive” and “Get It Up”, meanwhile, exude the dark synth-pop of the late ’80s and early ’90s – music that was intentionally sexy yet immersive. “Luxury” gravitates to contemporary electro-pop, where it tiptoes the fine line of becoming a full-blown EDM track or being a euphoric, blissful pop tune. Then there is the opening track, “Empty Hands”, which literally will have you “oohing” during the chorus.

Yes, the familiarity remains in Pr0files’ debut album, but it’s an unexpected one. Pardini and Sternbaum aren’t attempting to blow our ears out with hard beats and all sorts of effects. Instead, they’re taking synth-pop to intimate levels, much like what was done in the ’80s. Jurassic Technologie is, as such, a reminder that synth-pop can still move people through subtlety and grace. It might be a romanticized ideal, but then again Pr0files have just proved it can be a reality.

Jurassic Technologie is out now via Straight A Records.

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Pr0files - "Jurassic Technologie"

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