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The Matinee February 24th


The Matinee February 24th includes 7 eclectic tracks which include indie pop, indie rock, blues rock, synth pop, experimental pop and surf rock.  Artists represent a few different places on the globe including Estonia, The UK, and the USA.

Bantug – “Circles” (Nashville, USA)


Bantung is Amanda Bantug and she is blazing a path in the indie pop space with her lovely vocals, stellar ethereal production and smart songwriting.

“Circles” is the second single released from Bantung who is based in Nashville. The track is wistfully dreamy and we can’t wait to hear more from this up and coming artist.

The track is not only audibly awesome, but the songwriting is authentic and reflective, speaking to those newly formed relationships you where you want to jump fully and completely in, but you still have fears and doubts.

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Beach Skulls – “Santa Fe” (Liverpool, UK)


“Santa Fe” is the newest from UK band Beach Skulls. Formed in Liverpool and now also based in Manchester and Glasgow it’s some of the best garage pop as of late and includes catchy songwriting with laid-back melodies.

“Santa Fe” has that laid back surfy rock vibe going on with the perfect amount of reverb. It definitely needs to be including with your playlist specifically for upcoming sun drenched summer days.

“Santa Fe” is from their forthcoming debut album Slow Grind arriving on April 29 via PNKSLM Recordings.

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Fantastic Negrito – “Working Poor” (Oakland, USA)


Fantastic Negrito is back with a new track titled “Working Poor”. The track is a testament to the state of our country today where many just cannot make ends meet on a monthly basis.

The track is infused with Fantastic Negrito’s smooth vocals and a soothing blues-rock vibe. With “Working Poor” it is also proven that Fantastic Negrito cares about sharing the world’s issues through his songwriting and spreading a message of hope and change.

Fantastic Negrito is Xavier Dphrepaulezz.

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Highly Suspect – “Bloodfeather” (Brooklyn, USA)


“Bloodfeather” is off of Highly Suspect’s debut album, Mister Asylum released last year. The track was recently posted on soundcloud so we need to share. The trio continues to prove their talent as one of today’s saving graces in the rock n’ roll genre.

They just recently were nominated for a grammy and are currently working on their second album. They will also be playing the inaugural Auckland City Limits this year and we are pretty sure they will fly past the indie label in 2016.

Highly Suspect is comprised of Ryan Meyer – Drums/Vocals,  Rich Meyer- Bass/vocals/peacekeeper and Johnny Stevens- Guitar/Vocals/synth

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KAPTAN – “Jump” (Nashville, USA)

KAPTAN - "Jump"

It’s no secret we are fans of Nashville based KAPTAN (aka Andrew de Torres). He keeps releasing awesome track after track and we can’t help share. “Jump” is upbeat and addicting. It will immediately set you in a better mood. The vocals on KAPTAN are shimmery and sweet set against tropical beach vibes. This must be added to future summer playlists.

Andrew de Torres shares about the track: “My bass player (Brandon Day) and I wrote Jump together. We really just wanted to write a song about supporting the people that we love who may be going through their own obstacles, a song about togetherness, which has been kind of an ongoing theme for the bands music.”

“Jump” is the follow up to KAPTAN’s debut EP, Sprinter released last year. Keep your eyes peeled for more from KAPTAN in 2016.

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No Hot Ashes – “Goose” (Stockport, UK)

No Hot Ashes - "Goose"

“Goose” is the debut single from Stockport band No Hot Ashes. The track has the immediate signature of the awesome indie rock coming out of the UK lately but with a little more funk. “Goose” has everything a brit rock fan needs including airy guitar riffs, funky bass and smooth vocals courtesy of Mr. Taylor.

The track is a great and promising showing from No Hot Ashes and we look forward to hearing more from the quartet this year.

No Hot Ashes are Comprised of Isaac Taylor (vocals/guitar), Jack Walsh (bass), Luigi Di Vuono (guitar) and Matt Buckley (drums)

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Tehnoloogiline Päike – “Breaking It” (Tallinn, Estonia)


“Breaking It” is an experimental pop track that definitely grabs your attention. The sound of its sheer creativity bathes in gleaming synth passages, overt feelings and grandiosely reverberated vocals.

If you dig Boards of Canada but with more vocals, check out Tehnoloogiline Päike.

“Breaking It” is the lead single from is from Tehnoloogiline Päike’s third album titled Technological Sun which is the direct translation of the band’s name in Estonia.  Their third release will be out this Friday.

Tehnoloogiline Päike is comprised of Evar Anvelt and Mihkel Kõrvits.

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