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The Matinee February 26th


The Matinee for February 26th kicks off with six new tracks to keep your Friday moving. We have experimental pop, indie rock,  a bit of shoegaze and psych rock. Countries represented today are the USA and the UK. We hope you find your new favorite artist. Check back tomorrow for our Saturday Sampler and then Sunday for our entire week’s playlist.


Flaunt – “Restraint” (Colorado/Maine)

Flaunt - "Restraint"

Flaunt are an a/v collective duo who strive to produce a variant of intelligent music marrying qualities of organic + electronic elements.

That is a pretty good description of their sound. “Restraint” is filled with genre crossing elements that sway toward the experimental arena. The lyrics speak to those that can’t seem to keep their life in control and who do not apply restraint.  The duo have been collaborating online since 2014 and RAVE NOIR will be their follow up to their first album, CODON.

“Restraint” is from Flaunt’s forthcoming, new album RAVE NOIR, which will be released March 18 via ANTICODON. Flaunt are Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito.

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Flaural – “Nonnie” (Denver, USA)

Flaural - "Nonnie"

Flaural are from Denver and they are creating some really awesome psych inspired rock. Many might compare them to current psych kings, Tame Impala but there is more here to Flaural that keeps us wanting to hear more.

Flaural takes “Nonnie” and brings in laid back ethereal synth with shoegaze elements that leave us completely enthralled.  We wish it was longer as it’s just shy of 2 and a half minutes.

Flaural are Noah Pfaff, Collin Johnson, Nick Berlin, and Connor Birch.

“Nonnie” is the lead single from Flaural’s second EP, Over Imaginary Cigarettes, which will be released on March 12th via Play Plus Record.

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Go Swim – “Surrender” (Belfast, UK)

Go Swim - "Surrender"

Go Swim are from Belfast and they are creating some alluring indie rock-pop vibes. They released their debut EP, Animals last year and they are back with their new track “Surrender”.

“Surrender” is upbeat  with vibey guitars and bass that become the perfect backdrop for Steve Smith’s strong vocals. The songwriting is a win as well as it speaks to those relationships where we can’t seem to get enough of the other person and you ultimately end up falling hard and fast by surrendering.

Go Swim are Steve Smith- Vocals, Des Hesketh- Guitar, Adam Horner- Guitar, Megan O’Kane- Bass and Cameron Ahslund-Glass- Drums. “Surrender” will officially be released May 5, 2016 on all the usual places.

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Jessica Rotter – “Pray For Rain” (Los Angeles, USA)

Jessica Rotter - "Pray For Rain"

You may not have heard of Jessica Rotter just yet, but she has worked with numerous stars including Sam Smith, Carole King and Daft Punk. After working on numerous projects mostly in the background, it’s time for Ms. Rotter to introduce her talents to the world.

“Pray for Rain” is the first track from her upcoming album that had help from established producer Cazz Brindis and mixed by Scott M. Smith (Carole King, John Mayer, Katy Perry). “Pray for Rain” showcases Rotter’s strong and beautiful vocals while adding a myriad of electronic and organic elements which makes the song memorable and one you won’t soon forget. Rotter shares the motivation behind the track: “Pray for Rain” poignantly describes wrestling with falling in love in “uncertain times, lost times and times of revelation.”

This is the lead single from Rotter’s debut album, Plains, which comes out April 22nd.

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Juke Jaxon – “Memory Man” (London, UK)

Juke Jaxon - "Memory Man"

Juke Jaxon are new on the scene, but after word gets out about their awesome blend of sounds, we have a feeling you will know their name sooner rather than later.

“Memory Man” is the debut single from Juke Jaxon who formed in 2014 both having the love of 60s Motown greats. The soulfulness on “Memory Man” is undeniable yet the track is filled with a harder rock element which blends the two perfectly. The offset of dual male vocals work seamlessly together.  Both vocals are reminiscent of even Alex Turner but with with a more soulful sound you would here from James Blake.

Juke Jaxon are Jack Moore and Ben Hawthorne. “Memory Man” officially drops today and we are sure everyone will be hearing more from Juke Jaxon and soon.

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Tennis System – “Here We Go” (Los Angeles, USA)

Tennis System - "Here We Go"

TENNIS SYSTEM is back with a new single after their sophomore release of Technicolour Blind.

“Here We Go” is the first taste off of their upcoming third album which will be released sometime this summer. The track oozes feel good vibes and melodic shoegaze undertones mixed with brilliant indie rock. We want to just go drive around in a convertible with the wind in our hair enjoying their newest track which will definitely be added to our summer playlist.

“Here We Go” is actually the perfect song for those that have experienced relationships that are turbulent and end up breaking up and getting back together again.

“Here We Go” is out today via PaperCup Music.

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