There is a phrase in the movie School of Rock that describes the sound this emerging Brooklyn indie band creates: “musical fusion.” Sure, that’s a very succinct definition, but that is exactly what this talented group delivers.

MORI is a four-piece alternative rock/pop group on the verge of a breakout this year. Since forming less than two years ago, they have developed a cohesive sound that incorporates their many influences. This single from their upcoming EP, Better For You, demonstrates their brand of musical fusion. “All Along” combines the indie pop sensibilities of Metric or Tegan and Sara with a bit of Paramore-tinged, millennial angst that is understandable coming from a band that is ready to see their hard work rewarded. The result is emotion-driven, soul-stirring rock that should be played loudly to best achieve its intended cathartic effect. More expansive than the EP’s compact first single, “Do You Wanna Hurt Me”, this new one reveals additional depth in tone and style.

The song’s gentle intro is a red herring for the stirring swell of guitars and percussion that follows the first verse. This is the type of anthem you expect to hear during a pivotal movie scene when the heroine triumphs over heartbreak. Mori Einsidler’s lead vocals are dynamic and expressive, the perfect vehicle for a song like this. Adding to the group’s bold sound are Adam Downer on bass and backing vocals, Jake Goldin on lead guitar, and Steve Ranellone on drums.

MORI recently returned to Brooklyn following a brief tour through the southern U.S., and they have several upcoming performances scheduled in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Better For You EP drops this Friday, March 4, just prior to their EP release party set for 10:30 p.m. on Saturday at Pianos in New York City’s Lower East Side.


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