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The Matinee March 1st


It’s March 1st, which means Spring is just a few weeks away. To help you get through another snowstorm or the frigid cold or if you’re in warmer climates but waiting for the grass to turn green, The Matinee March 1st edition features six great tunes from around the globe that will fit any mood.


Baywaves – “Marsupilami” (Madrid, Spain)

Baywaves - "Marsupilami"To get you in a summery move comes the latest outfit from Spain, Baywaves. Their new single, “Marsupilami”, is a spiraling, jangly, psychedelic-pop tune. Or in other words, if Tame Impala and underrated NYC band Woods came together to produce a single, the offspring would likely sound awfully close to “Marsupilami”. The fuzzy guitars, the lush melodies, and kaleidoscope of sonic energy of this awesome single.

This the first track off their band’s debut EP, which is expected March 25th via Spanish label Foehn Records. For what it’s worth, “Marsupilami” was the name of a comic book in the 1950s and turned into a short-lived TV series in the US in 1993.

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case/lang/veirs – “Atomic Number” (Canada and USA)

case_lang_veirs - "Atomic Number"Last year, we daydreamed about possible great collaborations, but this super-group of Neko Case, k.d. lang, and Laura Veirs never entered our minds. Maybe Case and Veirs, as they each have sung backup on each other’s songs, but k.d. lang’s deep vocals never was considered. Fortunately these three stellar singer-songwriters have joined forces and have shared the stunning “Atomic Number”. As you would expect from the three, the harmonies are gorgeous, the songwriting is exquisite, and the song is memorable. If there was ever a perfect song, this would be it.

“Atomic Number” is the lead single from case/lang/veirs’ forthcoming, self-titled album, which drops June 17th via ANTI- Records. A cross-US tour will follow shortly after the album’s release. See dates here.



Glass Spells – “Rebellion” (Calexico/San Diego, USA)

Glass Spells - "Rebellion"Raise your hands if you’re one of the plentiful awaiting Yeah Yeah Yeahs to end their hiatus and deliver new material. We are definitely among this crowd. As we patiently wait, there’s a young band helping us to reminder the NYC group’s brilliance. Glass Spells conjures up a tantalizing elixir of disco-punk music. Their single, “Rebellion”, is maddenly brilliant, as wave after wave of synths floods the track with dizzying effect while frontwoman Suz Gonzalez’s Joan Jett-esque vocals gives the song its gritty edge. For such a young band, they’ve packed a wallop in this track.

Glass Spells are Suz Gonzalez (vocals), Anthony Ramirez (bass/synths), Michael Rascon (synths), and Mallory Garcia (drums).

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Great American Canyon Band – “Crash” (Baltimore, USA)

Great American Canyon Band - "Crash"The best and only way to describe Great American Canyon Band‘s song, “Crash”, is spellbinding. The lead single from their forthcoming, debut album, Only You Remain, is filled with the stunning and haunting harmonies of husband-and-wife duo Paul and Kris Masson. While there are plenty of indie-folk songs that have the dual harmonies and attempt to “ooh” us into a sleepless state, not many have achieved the lushness and the Laurel Canyon vibe that the Baltimore band has.

In addition to the Massons, Great American Canyon Band include Matt Boyer and Edan Perrigo. Their new album drops April 8th.

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Ryan Downey – “Only Time” (Melbourne, Australia)

Ryan Downey - "Only Time"There is so much great music out there, many of which have me saying, “This is so good.” Then there are the select few that make we go, “Whoa!”. These are songs that just bowl me over at first listen, and the new single by Ryan Downey does exactly that. “Only Time” is a reflection of early indie folk music – a song that is simple and stripped down, yet it is luxurious and immersive due to the gorgeous harmonies and melodies. Imagine Matt Beringer of The National teaming up with Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats to perform a Traveling Wilburys’ tune, except Downey is covering Enya’s timeless classic.

“Only Time” is the second single from Downey’s forthcoming, mini-LP, which will be an all-vocal album. This should be something.

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VEiiLA – “Road Movie Star” (Moscow, Russia)

VEiiLA - "Road Movie Star"Nearly a year ago, we were introduced to electro-pop duo VEiiLA, who gave us the privilege to premiere their debut EP, Chrysalis. The duo of Vif Nüte (vocals/synths) and Bes Eiredt (synths/production) return with a stellar single, “Road Movie Star”. The year off has helped VEiiLA further master their craft because “Road Movie Star” is their most complex track to date. It is on the one hand a dark, cataclysmic tune yet ethereal and haunting. For fans of GEMS, Coves, and Phantogram, discover this Russian duo before they explode.

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