Rachel Platten‘s tour stood out from the past shows I’ve experienced in recent years. I‘ve attended plenty of music concerts since 2005, mostly by independent acts, and I’ve grown to expect bands to have certain cliches during their performance. Rachel Platten did not meet these expectations. Her show didn’t include bizarre propa or some peculiar homemade instrument. Her band didn’t play with vintage gear or dressed trendy, and the songs that she sang didn’t have abstract lyrics, or go into some intricate ambient solos. She was straight-up pop. No, not indie-pop like St. Vincent or CHRVCHES. I’m talking top-40 pop. The kind of pop music would hear featured in a compilation album put together for American Idol, X Factor, or The Voice.

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Surprisingly, I had fun at the concert.

I was impressed by Rachel Platten’s fitness as much as I was with her musicianship. She does not do an ounce of lip syncing at her shows, and I could easily hear her sing over her band and the backing tracks from the photo pit. She has a strong, dynamic voice, and she was able to keep it consistently great while dancing, jumping on platforms, and moving quickly from one side of the stage to the other. The amount of movement she did throughout her show could be comparable to a cardio workout, and it is a workout that would have left most performers I’ve seen in the past leaning over catching their breath. Platten must have the lung capacity of a marathon runner!

Her songs seem to be targeted towards a specific demographic, and most of her lyrics discuss problems with life and love at a surface level. A younger crowd can easily relate to her songs’ messages, but the tunes will have a hard time resonating with anyone older than their mid-twenties. Platten’s songs, however, are also catchy and can easily hook someone and have them hum along to a chorus melody even though they might be too old to relate the song’s meaning. In the end, it’s a show I will remember for many reasons.

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