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The Matinee March 3rd


Let’s address your new music addiction with these six great songs on The Matinee March 3rd edition. You’ll hear an epic, garage-rock, psychedelic tune, some power punk-pop, shimmering indie-pop, and some blazing indie rock. Time to get it started.


Chaika – “The Quietness” (Leeds, UK)

Chaika - "The Quietness"Helping to feed your insatiable appetite for new music is Leeds, UK four-piece Chaika, who blew us away last year with their blistering single, “Mirror”. Their latest track, “The Quietness”, is even more epic than their frenzied first single. With the intensity and aggressiveness of fellow Leeds mates Eagulls and the spiraling psychedelia of former Leeds stars The Music, “The Quietness” takes you on a wild, spatial trip. Like “Mirror”, this song isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re to have your mind blown away Chaika will do that for you.

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DREAM WIFE – “Hey Heartbreaker” (Brighton, UK & Rejkjavik, Iceland)

DREAM WIFE - "Hey Heartbreaker"If you have a need to get up and dance, then spin DREAM WIFE‘s insanely brilliant “Hey Heartbreaker”. It’s part infectious pop music and part buzzing punk-pop. However you wish to categorize the song, one thing is for certain – this is one wildly fun and awesome track. From frontwoman Alice’s piercing vocals to the familiar but infectious rhythms to the fierce tempo, this song will get the blood flowing and the hips shaking. After hearing the song a few times, it sounds like Chrissy Amphlett of The Divinyls fronting U2 during the Dublin band’s early days. That would be something.

DREAM WIFE is comprised of Bristol natives Alice and Bella & Iceland native Rakel. They are getting ready to release their debut EP, EP01, which drops March 11th.

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Face+Heel – “Pier Video” (Bristol, UK)

Face+Heel - "Pier Video"Every new music meal needs a serving of the sublime, a track that makes you pause for a moment as you become immersed in its collision of sounds and layers. That feeling is escapism, a delectable experience that few can truly perfect. On their new single, Welsh duo Face+Heel demonstrate a mastery of this art form. “Pier Video” is stunning, where the multiple textures come brilliantly together to create swell of not just noise but emotions. It might be hard to believe that an old video rental store, which resided in Sinead McMillan and Luke Taylor’s hometown, would incite such strong emotions.

“Pier Video” is from Face+Heel’s forthcoming, debut album Our Princes’ Quarry, which drops April 15th via their brand new label Dekalog OmniWare.

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Innerspace Orchestra – “One Way Glass” (London, UK)

Innerspace Orchestra - "One Way Glass"

By now, you’re appetite is starting to be satisfied, but there’s always that urge to have more and try something new. Nothing too heavy, but preferring something that is dreamy and even sonically sparse. Something that will spark your interest with each morsel. The new project of Tom Furse (The Horrors), Cathy Lucas (Fanfarlo), and Rose Elinor Dougall (Mark Ronson, The Pipettes) will do all this and more. Their debut single, “One Way Glass”, is a gorgeous tune that spins a web of lush and dazzling sounds, from the spatial synths, the titillating drum work, and the soothing harmonies. The strums of the sitar add an ethereal element, leaving one gasping for another taste.

“One Way Glass” will officially be released on March 4th via Different Recordings.

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Max Green – “Homebody” (San Diego, USA)

Max Green - "Homebody"By now, you need to get up and move a bit. Something that perks you up like that after-dinner espresso or coffee or a nice cup of tea to warm the body. The debut single by Max Green does just that. With one of the most unique voices in the business, which we initially heard on Green’s other project Inspired & The Sleep, Green orchestrates a scintillating disco-pop tune on “Homebody” that blends the coolness of The Antlers and the infectious early work of Portugal. The Man. It might be after dinner and your parents likely you told you not to do any physical activity after dinner, but it’s o.k. for this one song to get up and groove to this awesome tune.

Green is preparing to launch his debut solo EP sometime this summer. Once we get word, we’ll let you know.

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Plush – “Sheer Power” (San Francisco, USA)

Plush - "Sheer Power"

And finally for dessert, we want something sweet. Something that soothes the soul, tantalizes the senses, and ends the evening on a high. “Sheer Power”, the new single by San Francisco-based Plush, is the perfect finish. With the stark, hallowing guitar work that opens the song and recalls The Cure’s most stunning tracks followed by a cascading collision of instruments and some of the most gripping vocals on this side of Elena Tonra, the song is absolutely crushing, matching the emotional power of Daughter. You won’t be able to forget this song well after its serving.

“Sheer Power” is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming, debut album, Please, which will be released on April 29th via Father/Daughter Records.

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