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Rendition, episode 2.08


Let’s get the weekend rolling with Rendition, episode 2.08, featuring some scintillating remixes, groovy transformations, and one mini-mash up that resembles the house soundtracks of the early ’90s.


Alison Wonderland – “Run” (Happy Accidents Remix) (Sydney, Australia & Miami, SF, & NYC, USA)

Alison Wonderland - "Run" (Happy Accidents Remix)

If you’re into the electronic and DJ scene, then you’re probably very familiar with the work of Alison Wonderland, the Australian who has taken the world by storm with her dance-friendly remixes, mash ups, and singles. One of her more popular tunes, “Run”, which is given a nearly-dreamy, Tycho-esque transformation by multi-city producers Happy Accidents. It’s one of those remixes that just leaves a smile on your face.


Alison WonderlandWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Happy AccidentsWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Explosions in the Sky – “Home” (Ross Henry reworked) (Austin, USA; Sydney, Australia)

Explosions in the Sky - "Home" (Ross Henry reworked)

Now this is different. Explosions in the Sky are known for their explosive, guitar-driven, instrumental fireworks, but Sydney-based artist Ross Henry has completely stripped down their single “Home” and turned into an ethereal affair. It’s a stunning piece of work by an artist – or in this case a scientist – who has completely transformed a familiar tune.

Explosions in the SkyWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Ross HenryWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


KEØMA – “Protected” (TRXD Remix) (Germany & Norway)

KEØMA - "Protected" (TRXD Remix)

For this remix, a couple of emerging duos from Europe team up. KEØMA‘s indie-pop anthem “Protected” is given a smouldering remake by Norwegians TRXD. It’s sultry and smooth, a song that could placed in the smokey night clubs or just shared between you and a loved one.

KEØMAWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Rainer + Grimm – “Talk To Me (ft. Melanie)” (Bit Funk Remix) (Toronto, Canada & Brooklyn, USA)

Rainer + Grimm - "Talk To Me" (Bit Funk Remix)

Bit Funk has established a name for himself as a producer who brilliantly merges funk principles within an electronic framework, and these skills are on fully display with their remix of Toronto DJs and producers Rainer + Grimm‘s “Talk to Me (ft. Melanie)”. The tempo is picked up to make it a club-friendly tune, but Bit Funk doesn’t take away from the original sultriness. Subtlety, something we admire at The Revue.

Rainer + GrimmWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Bit FunkWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Wild Culture – “Oh Lord” (with vocals of Janis Joplin) (Austria)

Wild Culture - "Oh Lord"

Now for something really different for Rendition, more so than Ross Henry’s reworking. Austria’s Wild Culture have shared a mash up dance track that echoes of the ’90s. Taking Janis Joplin’s vocals from “Mercedes Benz” and applying them to a multi-cultural mix of sound (tribal rhythms, church organs, and Spaghetti Western flairs), Wild Culture have created an immensely fun and catchy anthem. This song will not only be a staple in dance clubs but also in arenas and stadiums across the world. It’s the ultimate feel-good, get-up-on-your-feet-and-make-some-noise track.

Wild CultureWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Nathan Goshen – “Thinking About It (Let It Go)” – KVR Remix (Israel & The Netherlands)

Nathan Goshen - "Thinking About It(Let It Go)" - KVR RemixWe end with the youngest producer we’ve featured. Fourteen-year-old Dutch producer KVR
has caught the attention of several artists in Europe and he recently signed with Copenhagen label disco:wax. His first release is a remix of “Thinking About It (Let It Go) by Israeli singer-songwriter Nathan Goshen. The indie-folktronica tune is reminiscent of Milky Chance’s infectious blend. The kid has knack for rhythms and mood.

Nathan GoshenFacebook
KVR doesn’t have any social media presence just yet, but track disco:wax (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram) for updates.

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