The Matinee March 4th includes tracks from brand new artists and every once in a while, we have to share something from a well established and successful indie band because it’s that awesome. Today we have synth pop, experimental pop, psych rock and indie rock for your listening pleasure. We hope you find your new favorite band. Check back tomorrow for our Saturday sampler and then of course Sunday for all of the tracks we shared for the entire week.

Bravestation – “Amadeus” (Toronto, Canada)

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Brothers Devin and Derek Wilson formed Bravestation with childhood friend Jeremy Rossetti in the City of the 1000 Islands before relocating to Toronto in 2009.

Their name is merged from the titles of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World and Robert J. Hasting’s inspirational essay The Station.

“Amadeus” is an upbeat synth pop gem that will be a nice addition to your warmer weather playlist. Bravestation is great at showcasing the best parts of 80s new wave with modern electro pop sensibilities.  We shared their stellar track “Actors” last year and they are now slated to release their newest EP, VI later this year. Stay tuned for more from Bravestation in 2016.

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Givers & Takers – “Strangers” (Los Angeles, USA)

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Born in Santa Barbara, CA, Givers & Takers make a distinct imprint on a soulful landscape through rich layers, captivating melodies, and smooth vocals. If you dig White Denim with a tad bit more soul, you will be a fan of Givers & Takers.

We shared how awesome they are with the premiere of the video for “Let It Surface”.

“Strangers” includes a bit more of a psych vibe throughout which is great. The track also speaks to those relationships turned so sour that you wish you could just erase it and act as if you were strangers again.

With each new track we hear, we are shown how great the range and breadth of talent is with Givers & Takers. They truly are a hidden gem currently in today’s music landscape. Even though they didn’t win NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest, hopefully some people took notice because this band needs to be more well known.

Givers & Takers are Zack Greenwald, Alan Krespan, Drew Bruchs, and Mark Pollack. Stay tuned for a summer tour and more info about their upcoming EP.

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Kristin Kontrol – “X-Communicate” (New York City, USA)

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Kristin Kontrol is the new endeavor by Kristin Welchez (aka Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls). Kristin shares a bit about the new album: “The first music I really identified as my own was very poppy, classic 80s, from Debbie Gibson and Tiffany to Janet Jackson and Madonna,” says Kristin, who grew up in Northern California and now resides in New York City. “I didn’t want to make a record with typical rock vocals.”

“X-Communicate” showcases Kristin’s vocals which sound perfectly at home set against 80s inspired synth. Kristin still exudes her strong attitude within her vocals. If Pat Benatar would have recorded an 80s new wave pop album, it might have sounded like this.

“X-Communicate” is the lead single and title track of her upcoming album which will be released via SubPop records on May 27th.

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Ramsey – “Slave” (Los Angeles, USA)

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Ramsey is making waves in the experimental pop world. All of her tracks on soundcloud have a huge amount of spins and it’s no wonder once you hear a few of her songs.

After hearing Ramsey’s vocals, you become instantly enthralled by her unique and sultry vocals.

Her tracks are dark and emotive which sets her apart from all the other electronic acts out there today. Ramsey has written and produced most of her own material, and the formula seems to be working. She was, however, assisted by the deft hands of Darryl Swann on this track, who helped bring the song to a whole new, sonic level.

“Slave” speaks to the delicate and sometimes hurtful realities of relationships and all of her songs mesmerize and keep you coming back for more. Keep tabs on her website and social channels for new tracks and tour information.

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thoughts – “Tuck” (Brighton, UK)

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thoughts are a brand new band from Brighton UK. They have just released their debut track “Tuck”.

Comprised of Joe Thorpe (vocals/rhythm guitar), Edward Norton (bass), Mikey Ferbrache (lead guitar/backing vocals) and Jack Lowe (drums), the Brighton four-piece mix their nostalgia-inducing hooks with moments of post-punk drive, evoking comparisons to the likes of Pixies and Sonic Youth, along with newer acts such as Superfood.

“Tuck” brings about the raw elements from great bands of the early 90s and showcase their talent with awesome guitar riffs set against vocals that aren’t overbearing. They remind me of your favorite really awesome local band that you knew could have gone far. We hope that others feel that nostalgia as well and share with others so that they can gain fans, momentum and hopefully a label as well.

“Tuck” will officially be released March 7th via i-Tunes and Spotify.

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Yeasayer – “Silly Me” (Brooklyn, USA)

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Yeasayer are finally back. We are super excited they are sharing new music and have a new album coming out next month after a long hiatus from their last release, Odd Blood.

“Silly Me” has the perfect amount of Yeasayer’s unique world influenced sounds but with a heavy upbeat pop vibe.  The track could easily be a hit single heard on the radio even though the subject matter is quite serious about a relationship ending due to the storyteller’s own faults.

Yeasayer has also announced a spring/summer tour covering the US and UK.  You can check out tour dates here.

Amen & Goodbye is out April 1st on Mute Records.

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