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Saturday Sampler for March 5th


The weekend is finally here, and it offers us another opportunity to share more great new music. The Saturday Sampler for March 5th has a little bit of everything: gritty blues-rock, shimmering indie-pop, soulful indie-rock, disco-psychedelia, and even some operatic indie-pop. Sit back, relax, and spin these ten awesome songs that will get your weekend started with a bang!

The Bonnevilles – “The Whiskey Lingers” (Lurgan, UK)

the bonnevillesHold onto your hat, because Northern Ireland’s blues rock duo The Bonnevilles are about to blow you away with their electrifying new single. “The Whiskey Lingers” is more than a slow-burning dirty blues ditty: it’s got the bite of a chained junkyard dog who snarls at you with a menacing glare for a long minute before lunging straight for your jugular. Just don’t let that vicious imagery keep you from approaching this beast of a band. The sounds coming from guitarist/vocalist Andrew McGibbon, Jr and drummer Chris McMullan will bring out primal urges in you, but you’ll love every moment. This is a particularly addictive blend of blues mixed with ferocious punk energy. Have a listen and discover why this band is considered the European counterparts to American blues rockers The Black Keys and The White Stripes.

It’s from their third album, Arrow Pierce My Heart, due out March 18 on Alive Naturalsound Records. You can pre-order it from AmazoniTunes, and the band’s website.

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Cat’s Eyes – “Drag” (London, UK)

cat's eyesYou’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to the ’60s when you hear this new single from Cat’s Eyes. This duo of Italian-Canadian opera singer Rachel Zeffira and Faris Badwan of The Horrors effortlessly fuses psychedelic indie rock with strong girl-group vibes on “Drag.” Alluring and intoxicating, Zeffira’s vocals must have once belonged to the mythological sirens who beguiled sailors to their demise. This is a song you can (and most likely will) lose yourself in, so be prepared to fall prey to its charms.

You can find “Drag” on their upcoming album, Treasure House. Recorded last year at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios, this follow-up to their 2011 debut was mixed and produced by Steve Osborne who previously worked with New Order and Suede. Treasure House is due out June 6 via Kobalt Music.

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Chris Cohen – “Torrey Pine” (Los Angeles, USA)

chris cohenAnother example of deliriously dreamy indie pop comes from Chris Cohen on his newest offering. “Torrey Pine” finds the Los Angeles-based musician and member of Deerhoof wading into the pool of psychedelic nostalgia. It’s expressive and buoyant, full of distorted layers that evoke the warmth of a summer sunset. The upbeat gentleness of his 2012 debut, Overgrown Path, permeates this track and reminds us of why we fell in love with Cohen’s voice in the first place.

This song is from his upcoming album, As If Apart, due out May 6th from Captured Tracks. It is available for pre-order from iTunes and from the label’s online store.

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Claiming Neptune – “Apparition” (Austin, USA)

Claiming Neptune - "Apparition"

Proving that you have nothing to lose by sharing one’s music is young Austin band Claiming Neptune, who reached out to us with this great tune, “Apparition”. With a great, deep bass line and the sublime vocals of frontwoman Lisa Borjon, this brooding indie rocker is tantalizing and surprisingly rich and immersive. It resonates with the dark, hypnotic power of the rock music being created in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Fantastic!

Claiming Neptune are Lisa Borjon (vocals), Derrick Yeoman (guitar), Robert Jenkins (guitar), Joshua Wuensche (drums), and Adam Barone (bass & keys).

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Elephant Stone – “Where I’m Going” (Montreal, Canada)

elephant stoneMontreal indie psych-rock trio Elephant Stone struck sonic gold on this track from their upcoming album, Ship of Fools. The funky, immensely danceable “Where I’m Going” has one of the catchiest riffs of this year so far. If this is your first foray into Elephant Stone, you may be surprised to learn that the band uses traditional Indian instruments (like sitar and tabla) to create their unique sound. Lead vocalist Rishi Dhir cites The Beatles as a major influence and has toured with psychedelic rockers The Black Angels, playing sitar and bass on with them in 2012. As a trio about to release their fourth album, Elephant Stone remains one of the most distinctive groups in modern psych rock. They’re scheduled to play SXSW Festival later this month and Osheaga Festival in July. Ship of Fools is expected to release in May on Burger Records.

Elephant Stone is: Rishi Dhir (vocals, bass, sitar, keys), Miles Dupire (drums, backing vocals), and Gabriel Lambert (guitar, backing vocals).

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Lovers on the Edge – “Divine Stillness” (Richmond, VA, USA & Spain)

Lovers on the Edge - "Divine Stillness"Like the feeling one is being watched and that one’s only friend is the shadow that follows her, newcomers Lovers on the Edge bring their dreary yet spectacular dream-pop to our attention. Their self-titled debut EP, which can be heard here, is a great listen, and it is highlighted by the dark, pulsating opener, “Divine Stillness”. This shimmering number tingles every nerve in the body with its stark melody, harrowing vocals, and chilling lyrics. It is an absolutely crushing song that recalls the same brutal poignancy of The Raveonettes.

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Melby – “Human” (Stockholm, Sweden)

Melby - "Human"Some of the debut singles being released these days have been remarkable. These are songs that should be coming from well-established artists, but instead young bands like Stockholm’s Melby are instantly creating songs that leave you gaping for more. “Human” is stunning, packing the emotional and ethereal punch of Daughter but done in a romantic and intimate indie-pop way that has made Francis a celebrated Swedish band. The opening mandolin strums, too, are a great touch. Lyrically, Melby’s “Human” could be the extension of Daughter’s song of the same name, heightening our own feelings of vulnerability and weakness.

Melby are Matilda Wiezell (lead vocals/synth), Are Engen Steinsholm (guitar/backing vocals), David Jehrlander (bass/backing vocals), and Teo Jernkvist (drums).

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Oyster Kids – “Lips” (Los Angeles, USA)

Oyster Kids - "Lips"It didn’t take long for Oyster Kids to become internet sensations. It only took them a single song, “Creepy”, which they released last fall. It was so good that it was added to an Urban Outfitters playlist (as well as one of ours). Single #2, “Lips”, by the mysterious Los Angeles duo is another terrific tune. It’s like a groovier Portugal. The Man – haunting, chilling, and incredibly infectious that the song will be stuck in your head for days. Back in October, we said we can’t wait to hear what’s next from Oyster Kids. Now we’re asking when will they be signed by a record label? We think it’ll be before they release their third single, and we’re already making bets right now on which label.

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Seratones – “Chandelier” (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)

Seratones - "Chandelier"Six months ago, Seratones dropped a single, “Necromancer”, which just blew us away. They are back with a brand new single and an exciting announcement. But first, “Chandelier” is another mind-blowing, dance floor-cutting track. With a blistering, indie-rock edge and a soulful core to their music, people will soon be referring the Seratones as a hip-shaking version of the Alabama Shakes.

“Chandelier” is from the Seratones’ forthcoming debut album, Get Gone, which drops May 6th via Fat Possum. We cannot wait!

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Snowblink & Feist – “How Now” (Toronto, CAN)

snowblinkWrapping up the Sampler is this supremely chill new track from Toronto’s Snowblink. The indie dream pop duo’s collaboration here with Feist is a dazzling gem that we cannot stop playing. Snowblink members Dan Goldman and Daniela Gesundheit first worked with Feist back in 2012 when she invited them to join her at the Polaris Music Prize. They have continued to play together since then, and their musical chemistry is especially strong on “How Now”. Their voices blend together so beautifully, it’s a shame they haven’t made more music together. You can find this song on their upcoming third album when it releases later this spring on Outside Music.

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