LILIES ON MARSFor close to a decade, Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo, through their alter-ego Lilies on Mars, have been creating music that can best be described as transcendent. From their self-titled, debut EP in 2008 to their more recent release, the splendid ∆GO, the natives of Cagliari, Sardina have been pushing the limits on folk and pop music. Their experimentalism has not only been applauded but lauded by reviewers and fellow musicians for taking the familiar to spatial territories. Their earlier works, for instance, consisted of soundscapes that would challenge the mind much like what Björk has done.

Now residing in London, England, Lilies on Mars’ current focus, as depicted on ∆GO, is on creating “cosmic pop”. This “genre” is the surprising yet remarkable marriage of shoegaze, ambient, pop, and post-rock, resulting in a sound that is extraordinary – or maybe a more apt description would be interstellar.  Their music is, in other words, the perfect blending of the sonic instrumentals of Explosions in the Sky and Public Service Broadcasting, the dazzling electronic of M83 as heard on Saturdays = Youth, and the ethereal brilliance of Enya. Lilies on Mars’ music will dazzle you and even at times make you momentarily lose consciousness and escape reality.

While each of ∆GO‘s nine tracks are stunning, the one song where Lilies on Mars achieve perfection is on “Rachel Walks By The Sea”. Just listening to this number takes you on a journey that overloads the mind and stimulates every sense in your body. It is lush yet cathartic, breathtaking yet heart-racing. And we’re only talking about the song itself and not its beautiful video, which we are immensely pleased to present today.

Like the song, the video is gorgeous. The video starts off looking at Earth from outer space before showing footage of some of the planet’s most spectacular scenery and also the bustling affairs of an urban centre. Masia’s and Cristofalo’s silhouettes are occasionally shown, and the juxtaposition of images is intended to show the harmony that should exist between nature and humankind. As Maria Day, an independent American video maker who directed this stunning video, shares:

The music of “Rachel Walks By The Sea” and the dimensional cosmic approach of Lilies on Mars through their sounds, inspired in me the concept of a new sight through a powerful imagination. The images are timeless, the beauty of a respite nature and the hectic chaos of the town. Through imagination we can live both, and many more aspects at the same time, experiencing a floating lucid dream that also inspires this dimension.”

∆GO is out now via Lady Sometimes Records. Listen to the album in its entirety on SoundCloud and purchase it on Bandcamp or iTunes

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