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The Matinee March 9th


The Matinee March 9th includes 6 new tracks for your midweek pleasure. The six tracks are eclectic and include cinematic pop, indie rock, r&b/soul, synth pop and indie/pop rock.

Half Waif – “Turn Me Around”  – (Brooklyn, NY USA)

halfwaifHalf Waif is an experimental/pop trio from Brooklyn with a new full length on the way. “Turn Me Around” speaks to that relationship where you feel whole with the other person, and they help make you better.

Nandi Rose Plunkett’s vocals are enchanting and are complemented nicely with driving synth and beats throughout their newest track. “Turn Me Around” is the second single released from their upcoming album, Probable Depths which will be out in May.

Half Waif is Nandi Rose Plunkett, Zack Levine and Adan Carlo.

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hd hausmann – “Yves Klein Blues” (London, UK)


hd hausmann is back with a new track. We have become mesmerized by this somewhat mysterious band. We learned last year hd hausmann is both the project of an individual – Liam Palmer – and a collective of like-minded individuals.

“Yves Klein Blues” is a bit slower than some of their previous tracks, but it still holds to the formula of fascinating the listener in a cinematic way. “Yves Klein Blues” is the newest track from hd hausmann after their debut album release, wring the moisture from the surf came out last fall. If you have yet to discover hd hausmann, you can stream the album on Spotify. Stay tuned for more new tunes in 2016.

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Mock Suns – “Friday Night” (Philadelphia, PA, USA)


Mock Suns have just released their new album Stay True. The album takes you back to a simpler time when growing up and spending time with your friends was the highlight of those years. Greg Puglese shares about the album: These songs are not meant to be nostalgic, but rather a means to relive the joy and excitement, naivety and innocence, of youthful adolescence.

“Friday Night” is a perfect track about the weekly american past time of football games and fans from a players perspective. It definitely takes anyone back to remembering that doing your homework, hanging with friends and going to footballs games every Friday Night were the only responsibilities we had. Mock Suns are Greg Puglese, Steve DiRomualdo, Tom Magliaro and Matt Giordano. Stay True is now available via Good Behavior Records.

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Nigel Hall – “Gimme A Sign” (New Orleans, LA USA)

Nigel Hall - "Gimme A Sign"Nigel Hall is perfecting soul music and is the perfect new artist for fans of Smokey Robinson or for more modern tastes like Leon Bridges. Case in point: “Gimme A Sign” has everything you need – strong yet soulful vocals that include lyrical content about that woman he wants to make his.

Nigel Hall grew up in Washington, D.C., in a highly musical family. His fingers first touched the keys before he hit kindergarten age, and his ears were wide open. Hall relocated to New Orleans in 2013 and he has settled in perfectly with the culture of New Orleans and has been accepted with open arms. We hope word gets out about Mr. Hall’s talent.

Nigel Hall’s debut solo record, Ladies & Gentlemen… Nigel Hall, is out now on Feel Music / Round Hill.

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NIGHT GAMES – “Faithless” (London, UK)

NIGHT GAMES - "Faithless"

NIGHT GAMES “Faithless” is an immediate track that will relax your mood.  Even though the lyrical content isn’t really uplifting, it is still a great laid back synth pop track. The track speaks to that one relationship where you don’t have much trust that the other person will do  what they say they will do, but you end up going back anyway.

The duo have a few tracks posted on soundcloud and by the sounds of it, will be making waves in the synth pop arena.

NIGHT GAMES is an electronic duo from London comprised of Paul & Constance. Keep an eye out new upcoming releases later this year which will be coming directly from the band

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Them Swoops – “Alright For Me” (Melbourne, Australia)

themswoopsWe previously shared new tunes from Them Swoops back in January with the track “Into The Atmosphere”, which has an awesome synth pop vibe going on.

“Alright For Me” continues in that same vein yet with a light and airy chorus that immediately begs to be added to your upcoming warm weather playlist. Them Swoops has a knack for combining feel good indie pop with an underlying thread of psych rock throughout.

Them Swoops was formed by key members Dave McGann and Chris Goff and the Melbourne based band has a lot going on in 2016. Be sure and keep tabs on them for more new music released later this year.

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  1. Wendy, I don’t know what’s happened to you but you selections are so good now. In the past I preferred Ben’s selections. Not any more. In the last 4 weeks you have been the one. Keep going; you’re the best!!!

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