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The Matinee March 10th


The Matinee March 10th still has a couple of tracks that will get your moving or just blow your mind, but most of the singles are contemplative in nature. They range from haunting alt-folk to a young musician whose style mirrors that of a legend to a southern-rock band set for enormous things. A favorite of ours also returns with a new single that heads in a surprising direction.


Ashley Shadow – “Tired” (Vancouver, Canada)

Ashley Shadow - TiredWith each song that Ashley Shadow releases, such as her debut solo single “Tonight”, the more the comparisons to Joni Mitchell will come up. Like the legendary singer-songwriter, Shadow has a wonderful talent to create lush and full sounds despite minimal instrumentation while telling stories that will resonate with every person. Her latest single “Tired” is the perfect encapsulation of her immense talents and poignant songwriting, such as:

I could grow tired, tired of this / Believe that this thing could never feel the same again / Growing up believing you can’t fix anything. 

Shadow’s thoughtfulness and intimacy makes her forthcoming, eponymous debut album something to be truly excited about. It drops April 15th via Felte Records.

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Dream Wife – “Kids” (Brighton, UK & Rejkjavik, Iceland)

Dream Wife - Kids

It was only last week that we shared a track by Dream Wife, specifically the wildly infectious “Hey, Heartbreaker”, and they’ve quickly released an excellent new single. Whereas “Hey, Heartbreaker” was more of rollicking, hold-nothing-back dance track, “Kids” is a groovier, shimmering dance-pop number. The comparisons to Chrissy Amphlett and The Divinyls, however, are even more unmistakable on this track. With back-to-back delirious tracks, what else do these three young women have left to offer? We’ll find out on March 11th when their debut EP, EP01, drops via Cannibal Hymns Records.

Dream Wife is comprised of Bristol natives Alice and Bella & Iceland native Rakel.

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Eagulls – “Skipping” (Leeds, UK)

Eagulls - "Skipping"

In 2014, Eagulls blew us away with their cathartic, self-titled debut album, which made our list of favorite albums that year. We also named their forthcoming new album as one of our 50 most anticipated albums for 2016, and Eagulls made it official that Ullages will come out this spring.

The first they have shared their new single, “Skipping”. The song represents a departure from the relentless intensity of their first album to one that is more controlled, much darker, and much more hallowing. Set aside, at least for one track, is the blistering post-punk and in its place is a bleak, atmospheric sound that resonates of the goth rock of The Cure. Frontman George Mitchell sounds like a young Robert Smith while the glistening reverb from Mark Goldsworthy’s and Liam Matthews’ guitars and the dense rhythms of bassist Tom Kelly and drummer Henry Ruddel echoes The Cure’s Bloodflowers work. Even lyrically, the band master The Cure’s sense of allegory and irony. It’s a brilliant track by a band that is opting to evolve and blow us away with something new.

Ullages comes out May 13th via Partisan Records. Needless to say, we cannot wait.

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Henri Bardot –  “Make You Love Me” (Portland, USA)

Henri Bardot - "Make You Love Me"

There is something to be said for simplicity. When done right, it can be the most beautiful and satisfying thing you’ll ever. Case in point “Make You Love Me”, the new single by Henri Bardot. His soft, lush voice is mesmerizing while the vivid balladry of the song is reflective of José González and Andy Shauf, two of the most gifted singer-songwriters around. But Bardot’s style is different – it’s more haunting and fuller akin to Bon Iver and Justin Vernon collaborator S. Carey. You better be sitting down when spinning this track because it’ll sweep you away.

“Make You Love Me” is from Bardot’s forthcoming new album, Blue Night, which arrives May 10th. Get the single on his Bandcamp site (see below).

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SPOOKYLAND – “Big Head” (Sydney, Australia)

SPOOKYLAND - "Big Head"We previously shared SPOOKYLAND’s single “God’s Eyes” on the Saturday Sampler, and the Aussie quartet are back with another fantastic song. “Big Head” is a booming southern-rock anthem that blares with the intensity of one of our favorites, Futurebirds, and there are even touches of the blistering rock of Brian Jonestown Massacre. It’s the kind of rocker that we all needed, giving us that shot of energy to get through the final days of winter.

“Big Head” is from SPOOKYLAND’s forthcoming new album, Beauty Already Beautiful, which drops May 6 via Play It Again Sam. SPOOKYLAND are Marcus Gordon, Liam Gordon, Nath Mansfield, and Nic Malouf.

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Star Parks – “Theoretical Girls” (Austin, USA)

Star Parks - "Theoretical Girls"

Beneath the swell of the slide guitar and the backing horns and flute, there’s a familiarity in Star Parks’ new single “Theoretical Girls”. This intimate, warm track has the southern-rock charm heard on Futurebirds’ current work and My Morning Jacket’s Tennessee Fire-era stories. It may be familiar, but “Theoretical Girls” is comforting like your favorite blanket that you cover yourself with on a cold winter night.

“Theoretical Girls” is from the band’s forthcoming, debut album, Don’t Dwell, which will be released on April 29th via Paper Trail Records. Star Parks are Andy Bianculli (guitar/vocals), Ben Burdick (bass/vocals), Maurice Ramos (guitar/vocals), Nathaniel Klugman (keys), and Keith Lough (drums).

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