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Tinashe energizes Theatre Corona (photo essay)


I stopped listening to radio several years ago preferring to choose an individualized soundtrack to accompany me throughout the day. The downside is this sort of behaviour could result in missing out on other new artists as they emerge, which would be unfortunate, as I absolutely love discovering new music. My methods to unearth new artists vary; sometimes I read reviews or recommendations from various trusted websites (such as this one), while other times it can be simply checking out website-generated “recommended artists” based on music I already listen to.

Although I’m based in Ottawa, I frequently make trips to Montreal to see live music when it’s an artist I am really interested in and who is not performing locally, as was the case with Tinashe. Montreal is fortunate in that it is home to many theatres, such as Theatre Corona, that afford a more intimate setting in which to see an artist.

Not unexpectedly, Tinashe gave a high-energy, dance-infused show. She was accompanied by four backing dancers who together energized the audience throughout the evening. Tinashe made use of the intimate venue by frequently shaking hands or taking pictures with fans’ cellphones for those lucky enough to be close to the stage. Everyone was treated to both fresh new songs and their favourites. The night began with songs from the new album Joyride before concluding with her biggest songs from her first album Aquarius.

The evening was kickstarted by Toronto-based Jahkoy. You can check out his music here.








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