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The Unofficial Guide to the Side Showcases at SXSW


Last year we said it would be great to list bands that are just coming to SXSW to play numerous parties or shows that are not listed on the SXSW schedule of showcasing artists. This year we are sharing our top bands whom you won’t find on the SXSW schedule or on the SXSW website. There are numerous lists out there, NPR’s Austin 100 is quite good and many of the bands listed there would be on the list if we just concentrated on those artists with official showcases that were chosen by SXSW.

We are all about exposing those really good bands that don’t get as much exposure as others. Please check back next week for day by day artist and schedule picks (Tues-Sat). Our post coverage this year is going to be the bomb so don’t forget to check back for recaps and photos from us and also from artists that attended as well.

We also want to note that some of these bands will be playing an official showcase that is sponsored and listed on the schedule, but the individual bands were not chosen by SXSW, therefore they are not listed on the schedule individually.


Blankus Larry (Washington, DC USA)

Check out this punk inspired band from DC, whom we have shared before. They will be playing at Hotel Vegas for the do512 StrangeBrew show on Monday, March 14th, followed by a gig at Darwin’s Pub for the Shaken, Not Stirred showcase on Tuesday, March 15th.


Dead Stars (Brooklyn, NY USA)

If you dig bands like Weezer or Dinosaur, JR – then Dead Stars is for you. They are playing a bunch of shows so be sure and catch them next week (full list on their Facebook page).


Evening Darling (New York City, NY USA)

We are super excited for our very own contributor, Nick Larangis and his band making it to SXSW this year. They actually won the Jam In The Van contest. Check out their Facebook for full details.


Future Elevators (Birmingham, AL USA)

Future Elevators are an awesome mix of psych, pop and rock. They will be playing Monday March 14th at The Spider House so go check them out before the craziness of South By begins.


Good English (Dayton, OH USA)

We are not sure how they are not on the list, but this band of three sisters is one you do not want to miss. If you are looking for the next hard rocking all girl band, Good English is it. They are playing a few different shows this year at SXSW. Check out their Facebook page for more info.


Howard (Brooklyn, NY USA)

Howard are from Brooklyn and they are creating awesome chillwave or as they consider themselves “folktronica”. They are very deserving to be included in The Wild Honey Pie day showcase March 16th from 12p-6p at Swan Dive with other awesome artists we like.


JR Nelson (Brooklyn, NY USA)

We have shared JR Nelson’s remixes and we are a fan of how he can re-interpret songs and tweak them and make them his own. He will be at SXSW this year, check out his Facebook page for updates.


Leach (Austin, TX USA)

We just premiered Leach’s brand new track and he will be playing around SXSW this year since he lives in Austin. It’s a beautiful Beck-ish track and we hope he gets more exposure and soon.


Night Argent (Pasco, WA USA)

If you dig anthemic rock, you need to add Night Argent to your list. The Washington based band is making waves with their addicting chorus’ and attention grabbing guitar riffs. They will be releasing their debut EP soon. Check out their Facebook page for their SXSW dates.


Pet Sun (Ontario, Canada)

We’ve covered Pet Sun in the past and we are super excited they will be making the trip to Austin. You can actually stream their debut album right now. Pet Sun have a knack for showcasing their wide range of styles on their newest album. “The Dawn” will satisfy fans of punk and garage rock alike. Check out their Facebook page for SXSW details.


Protagonist (Boca Raton, FL USA)

Protagonist will be rocking it out at SXSW this year and we are excited to hear these guys live. They recently released Jean Jackets in June last fall. They will be playing a day show Wed. March 12 at The Aquarium and another set on Friday March 18th at Des Moines Embassy. Check their Facebook page for more info.


Tedo Stone (Atlanta, GA USA)

Is psych Americana a thing? If so, Tedo Stone fully embodies that and they will be playing a few different times during SXSW next week. If you have a chance, be sure and check them out.

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