Sometimes all you need is pop. For just those moments, meet Lorna Dea. Bubbly and up-beat, Lorna’s sound channels all-time favourites from across the decades – The Supremes, Bananarama, The Bangles, The Spice Girls, Little Mix – into a one-woman band.

Her debut EP Little Spark, released on 16 March 2016, is an essential addition to any girl-power party.

Little Spark kicks off with the title track, heralded by a rhythm reminiscent of the ’60s pop classic “Pretty Woman”. Lorna’s vocals bring her signature Motown-esque tone while delivering a message of unbridled ambition “The sky is the limit of the places you’ll go, so come on baby let’s put in a show”. If these words aren’t Lorna’s motivational self-talk, they should be, and everyone else’s for that matter.

Back at the turn of the year, we named Lorna as one of our Ones to Watch for 2016. Lorna’s second track “By Now” shows why, providing a subtle showcase to her versatility. Tempting us with a moment of jazz-blues before ramping up the beat into her familiar pop territory, Lorna throws in occasional iconic rock moments, topped off with a powerful break-up lyric “…you might have fooled me once but now I’m walking away”. All in 2 minutes 40 seconds. There can be no doubt that this is an artist who can write a decent track as well as delivering it like a diva. If this is a tantalising glimpse of what Lorna could deliver with a full-length album, bring it on!

The final track, “My King”, is clearly a favourite with Lorna’s local BBC Introducing programme, who picked it from the bunch to feature on their playlist a good few weeks ahead of release. This is Dea at her blue-eyed soul best, hitting this popular sound head-on with a song that deserves to be played alongside Sam Smith, Duffy, or Robert Palmer. But don’t be surprised to detect a nod to The Spice Girls “If you wanna be with me, that’s the way it’s gonna be”.

Produced by Matt Cotterill, who deserves to have a queue of artists, new and established, queuing at the door to his studio, Little Spark is just what its title suggests – a tiny moment of music to brighten up any mood on any day. Lorna and Matt spent the best part of a year bringing her music up to the high standards she clearly expects of herself, while Lorna proved her strong work ethic by gigging to a growing fan-base and releasing a couple of creditable singles, including “Stay the Same”.

If you want to catch Lorna playing live, check out her dates here, and if you are in the UK, why not head over to The Fusilier in Leamington Spa on 18 March to see Lorna perform her EP. It’s her birthday, too, so it’s sure to be the party night her music was written for!

Order your copy of Little Spark from iTunes. Get a free download of “Stay The Same” here.

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Lorna Dea

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