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The Phoenix Foundation lift up Wellington (photo essay)


Having been together as a band for 20 years, The Phoenix Foundation have been an integral part of the New Zealand music scene since before I can remember, in fact, they were one of the first live performances I ever saw. 

Despite their long stint playing together and having released six studio albums and a number of EP’s, TPF add a new flavour with every new release and Give Up Your Dreams continues that tradition with layered synths and elements of psychedelic pop

Their performance last Thursday as part of the month-long New Zealand Festival mixed the vibrant, electronic rhythm heavy songs of GUYD with older classics like “Buffalo” that had the audience singing along. The dance-inducing tracks of the new album, “Mountain” and “John Lennon Bob Dylan” had the seated crowd itching to get out of their seats, which they eventually did, forming a dance floor in front of the stage. They ended their set with an encore, ushering the audience up on to the stage to dance alongside the band in their natural habitat. A unique and entertaining way to end a gig on their home turf.

One of the best things about watching The Phoenix Foundation perform is seeing how much fun they’re having on stage. Between the whooping and hollering in the middle of songs to the quintessentially dry Kiwi humour in between them, they are undoubtedly a band that is excited about their new material and enjoy performing together. 

Below are some photos from The Phoenix Foundation’s energetic performance at Shed 6, Wellington.

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