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Big things were anticipated from Swedish indie band Humfree Bug Art in 2014. The natives of Falun had signed with terrific Stockholm label Strangers Candy and their single, “Hawaii”, received buzz in their home country and abroad. They were creating music that was vibrant and refreshing, as they incorporated various influences and cultural sounds. They were like a mix of Yeasayer, Two Door Cinema Club, and Phoenix, and stardom should have been waiting for them.

It almost, however, all came crashing down as quickly as the band started to find its footing. After the release of their split single, Hawaii/Mirrors, the band went into a “state of argument”. Instead of building on the momentum of their singles and following the footsteps of Icona Pop as Sweden’s next great export band, they were taking the path of Oasis and The Black Crowes but without the success.

Fortunately, the band resolved their differences, although only four of Humfree Bug Art’s original six members remain. The band, whose name is a play on the great actor Humphrey Bogart, used this time as inspiration to write new material. Today, we are pleased to present Humfree Bug Art’s first single in two years, “Eyeknees”.

This dazzling number represents Humfree Bug Art’s star potential. Like their first songs, “Eyekness” is filled with multiple layers that brilliantly complement one another to build the drama in the song. While every instrument and note can be heard, there’s never a feeling that the sounds are colliding or in competition. On the contrary, each plays a pivotal role – the glistening guitar strums act as the song’s heart beat, the rhythm section provides the intensity that mirrors the band’s frame of mind a year ago, and the stirring keys and synths guide the song to its glorious climax and denouement.

“Eyeknees”, however, is more than just another song – it is the culmination of a nearly two years of disagreements and reconciliation. It is Humfree Bug Art sharing everything that happened within the band during this time. It is them revealing their collective soul to us in a spectacular way. “Eyeknees”, as such, is a new chapter in Humfree Bug Art’s developing story, a break from the past and with only the blank pages of the future to be written. We can’t wait to read and hear what will come next.

“Eyeknees” is the lead single from Humfree Bug Art’s long-awaited, debut album, Nuthin’/Sumthin’ . It will be released on May 13th via Strangers Candy.

Humfree Bug Art are Arvid Jonsson (vocals), Fredrik Forell (guitar), Daniel Westin (keys), and Sebastian Lööf Nylin (guitar/bass).

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