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The Matinee March 16th


The Matinee March 16th includes 6 new tracks for your mid week listening pleasure. We have a myriad of sounds including indie pop, experimental pop, synth pop, indie rock and laid back acoustic. We have a mix of artists from the USA and the UK.


Big Tooth – “My Woman” (London, UK)

Big Tooth - "My Woman"

We have previously shared Big Tooth around this time last year. Their sound with “Sunny Day” was fun loving and included a bit lighter tone.

With the release of “My Woman”, we see the band take a more serious tone with a song professing love and putting at the forefront along with a big power pop sound surrounding the chorus. Overall, the new sound is big and shows promise from this London based band.

Big Tooth are comprised of George Crossland, Joe Weightman, Adam Blake, Patrick Hann & Tom Blake.

“My Woman” is their newest single. Stay tuned for more from Big Tooth in 2016.

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Misha – “Limelight” (New York City, USA via Taiwan & Hong Kong)

(Super)Misha - "Limelight"

Misha is the project of producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter John Chao.
“Limelight” is an uplifting track about chasing dreams and being OK with how your path in life has turned out.

The track is big, anthemic and dripping with synth and feel good beats. Misha has taken quite a long hiatus (about 8 years from his previous release) so we are sure long time fans are excited for his return. So far Misha’s new material is promising to be a great new indie pop album released this year and we look forward to hearing more.

“Limelight” is the lead single from Misha’s forthcoming, sophomore album, All We Will Become, which drops on May 20 via Berlin-based label Tomlab.

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Rory McVicar – “Alone I’ll Be” (London, UK)

Rory McVicar - "Alone I'll Be"

Rory McVicar has had a successful go in the experimental pop arena with two previous albums to date.

“Alone I’ll Be” is the newest of two recent tracks including “Toothache”. “Alone I’ll Be” meshes together a nostalgic vibe with McVicar’s folk-ish vocals yet combines progressive elements throughout which keeps you returning for more from Mr. McVicar.

Rory McVicar’s “Toothache/Alone I’ll Be” is out now and for you UK fans, you can purchase it via Norman Records on vinyl. (Not sure if they ship outside of the UK).

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Satchmode – “Undertow” (Los Angeles, USA)

Satchmode - "Undertow"

We can usually expect shimmery glittery synth pop from Satchmode. We have shared tracks recently and we usually get a new track that can most definitely be added to our summery playlists.

“Undertow” is somewhat of a departure for the duo of Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis. The track is darker, more saturated with a somber tone. “Undertow” is a track that will still force you to move, though. The track speaks to a possible end of a relationship or something that is slowly disintegrating. Sometimes we do have those dark moments where we feel “something’s taking over me” and we can’t seem to get back on track.

“Undertow” is the newest release of singles from the LA based duo.

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Sophie and The Bom Boms – “Creme De La Creme” (Los Angeles, USA)

Sophie and The Bom Boms - "Creme De La Creme"

Sophie and the Bom Boms has another track to share. We previously shared “Girls” at the tail end of last year. The track is straight up pop yet with an added rock element and attitude that seems to be missing from most pop acts out today.

“Creme De La Creme” immediately reminds of Gwen Stephani’s “Hollaback” days. Sophie and the Bom Boms could reach a new generation of girl power-pop.

Sophie and The Bom Boms is Sophie Stern who is a former pop songwriter.  “Creme De La Creme” is the third track from Sophie’s solo efforts.

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Starar – “Ride” (London/Midlands, UK)

Starar - "Ride"

“Ride” is the newest from Starar which is part of their upcoming EP release Holding Out for the One.

“Ride” has a laid back acoustic element to it which is reminiscent of Joan Baez. The track teeters on folk/americana yet still has that rock guitar element that Springsteen crafted so well.The track would be the perfect addition to any road trip playlist.

Starar is sister-brother act Jenna and Steven Starar.  We look forward to more from this talented family duo.

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