Fredrik Georg Eriksson

The seasons have officially changed with Spring rising in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn falling in the Southern Hemisphere. For many people, it’s their favorite time of year, as flowers are blooming or the leaves are starting to turn color.

It’s also the time of year when the music becomes a bit more energetic, a bit more positive, and a whole lot more anthemic. To get things is started is Fredrik Georg Eriksson. The emerging singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden is getting set to release his new album, Vagrants, and the first single is “Two of a Kind”.

This little rocker is pretty awesome. With touches of ’30s swing music, the catchy psychedelic rock of the ’60s and ’70s, Richard Swift-like vocals, and even a bit of ’80s synth for good measure. This kaleidoscope of a number will have you whirling around. And if the song doesn’t, then the video will. The video consists of footage from television’s early days, showing people shaking their booty while spinning some vinyl. So go ahead and shake what your mother gave you because this song rocks.

Here’s what Eriksson had to say about the single:

“I wanted to get at some 60’s vibe with a lot of swing and percussion to it, that bouncy, cocktail, carefree thing, but with a few more knives in it. A little less comfortable. King Louie wielding a gun. Less tux, more sweat. Strutty, fun music performed really well, using an idea that originally came from a much darker place, topped off with an insane saxophone. It’s sort of a homage to that era that I believe happened in between the housewife 50s and the late 60s when everybody just went completely hippie. I wasn’t there, but still. I feel like we managed.

Vagrants is Eriksson’s second album, and it is expected to be released at the end of March via Novoton Records. For more information, follow Fredrik Georg Eriksson at: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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