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The Matinee March 23rd


The Matinee March 23rd includes three acts from SXSW that really impressed who just happen to have new songs. A fourth was at SXSW and was unfortunately missed live.  We have a mix of feel good  synth pop, indie rock, dream pop and some straight up female fronted rock. We hope you enjoy today’s mix of tracks. Countries represented today are the US, UK and Israel.

Lyon Apprentice – “Alice” (Manchester, England via Gold Coast, Australia)

Lyon Apprentice - "Alice"

“Alice” is the newest track by Lyon Apprentice since their debut EP, Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free in 2014. “Alice” is dreamy and nostalgic set against driving synth and strong percussion. The lyrics are uplifting and remind us “When I feel this way, I learn to walk on”.

Adam shares about the track: “Alice was a 92 year-old patient of mine when I worked as an exercise physiologist. We became good friends. She often told stories of her late husband’s experiences in WWII as an RAF Lancaster bomber pilot and how he died of cancer five years after the war ended, leaving her with four children. Reflecting on her marriage, she once told me ‘when I feel this way, I learn to walk on’ and the line stuck with me. Perseverance is a quality I admire and my conversations with Alice always left me humbled, grateful and inspired.”

Lyon Apprentice is the side project of brothers Adam Lyons and Nathan Lyons, who also form half of the terrific band Fairchild….

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Meadowlark – “Paraffin” (Bristol, England)

Meadowlark - "Paraffin"Once a hidden gem, now one of the UK’s breakout duos is Meadowlark.

“Paraffin” is their latest track and we are happy to share. Meadowlark is currently working on their newest EP and “Paraffin” is the title track.

With sweet yet strong vocals similar to Ellie Goulding, McGill showcases her vocal talent in “Paraffin”. Their lyrics are usually personal yet elusive and the end of the track simply states “You and I, You and I, Will Grow, Grow.

Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley continue to evolve in their perfect partnership which includes great songwriting, stellar vocal presentation and smart synth pop production. Meadowlark can easily grow their fanbase in 2016 and breakout more than just in the UK.

Lead single from their forthcoming new EP of the same name.

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Ninet – “Superstar” (Tel Aviv, Israel)

NINET - "Superstar"

NINET is a superstar in the making. Once word travels around about her high energy live shows, it’s only a matter of time before this talented singer-songwriter, composer and actress gets the recognition she deserves in the US and abroad.

She’s already a superstar in Israel and has released four albums in her native language and is now poised to breakout with her upcoming English release later this year. Once she followed her musical inspirations which include Jeff Buckley, PJ Harvey, Arctic Monkeys and Jack White, she received much criticism and rejection in her native land. We are ready to embrace her musical style with open arms.

Ninet Tayeb – or just Ninet has a commanding live presence that basically had the entire crowd mesmerized and she was one of the first acts on stage during the Brooklyn Vegan day show. Her mix of heart pounding rock, strong and commanding vocals with world influences include the perfect combination for success.

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Oberhofer – “Keep On Keepin On” (Brooklyn via Tacoma, USA)

Oberhofermusic - "Keep On Keepin On"

Oberhofer was another band witnessed live during SXSW and their set was definitely note worthy.

“Keep On Keepin On” was recently released on Oberhofer’s soundcloud page with little fanfare or description. It is uplifting and dreamy. We would love to share “Hey Man” which is their newest track, but it’s currently only on you tube.

Oberhofer will be releasing a deluxe version of Chronovision which will include 12 new unreleased tracks, “Hey Man” being one of them.

Brad Oberhofer started Oberhofer in 2008 and he is perfecting the laid back vibes of current surf pop revival bands.

Oberhofer is Brad Oberhofer – Brad Dylan Treleven – Bass Ben “Weatherman” Roth – Guitar and Zoe Brecher -Drums.

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SWIMM– “Mind’s Eye” (Los Angeles via Orlando, USA)

Swimm - "Mind's Eye"

It’s no secret I am a fan of SWIMM who have been covered by me over the past 6 months. I got to witness them live finally at SXSW and was definitely impressed. The foursome have a commanding stage presence and they definitely jam out on stage between the three guitarists and drums.

“Mind’s Eye” is an extra vinyl only track off of their recent Beverly Hells EP. The track includes some awesome dreamy shoegaze goodness with stellar guitar work throughout. If you ever get to check these guys out live, do it – you will not be disappointed.

If you would like to pre-order the vinyl version of Beverly Hells which will be out April 8th, click here.

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TUFT – “Spools” (Los Angeles, USA)

TUFT - "Spools"

We previously shared TUFT’s track “Stills” last month and their latest release still continues to impress us (And they have impressed both Ben and I which is a good thing). I unfortunately missed their live set at SXSW.

The trio is creating complex layers against memorable vocals that remind a tad of Jim James. “Spools” starts off as any other indie rock track would and then slowly builds until it erupts into a magnificent cinematic gem of a track including a stellar chorus, driving percussion and smart guitar work.

“Spools” is from TUFT’s debut album LOOK LOOK, which is expected April 8. TUFT is Casey Trela, Kevin Manwarren, and Roxy Radulescu.

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  1. Great list again Wendy!!!

  2. Ninet tayeb is a very talented and amazing singer-songwriter who always continues to surprise me with her impressive voice and captivate me with her great charm. Looking forward to hear her upcoming CD release.

    • Wendy Redden

      Agreed! I was super surprised and blown away by her live show. Super excited for her upcoming success in America. It’s only a matter of time.

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