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For months, we’ve espoused the brilliance London trio Wyldest and their gorgeous dream-pop sound. Their music can leave you grasping for a breath, make you feel vulnerable and exposed, or simply transfix you and leave you numb. Sure, there are a lot of bands who occupy this genre, but very few can match the brilliance of Zoe Mead, Holly Mullineaux, and Jack Gooderham.

Look no further than “Stalking Moon” as evidence, which is the second song on their long-awaited, debut EP, Dark Matter. The four-plus minute song is a tidal wave of emotions. With Mullineaux’s shimmering guitar in the background, Gooderham’s patient drumming, and Mead’s stunning voice, the track starts off as lush and breathtaking before the band picks up the tempo and, thus, intensifies the drama. The nerves get frayed a little, your mind goes blank, and you’re suddenly lost in Wyldest’s ethereal world.

Equally as tantalizing is the beautiful “Wanders”, which opens the album. As the name suggest, the song leave you left wondering about changes around and within you. It’s like a practice in hypnosis, where you look introspectively to find questions that long have been unanswered. It is the wandering through the complex web of emotions and questions that we all have, but ones we have attempted to ignore.

The title track, “Dark Matter”, meanwhile, is a dreamy tune where the journey is intended to be taken with another. Mead’s lush vocals constantly repeat, “Are you going to catch me?”, but is it physically breaking one’s fall or is it meeting someone at the same emotional and psychological destination? The wave of glistening guitars, scintillating synths, and heart-racing percussion add the perfect backdrop to this delirious track and storyline.

“Caves”, which is the one song that the band has not released prior to the EP’s release, offers a slightly different approach. A more heart-warming, synth-driven, pop tune, “Caves” is a blissful number. It is sound of youthful innocence and young love, where infatuation governs one’s heart and one’s life revolves around a single person. The allegorical meaning of the title is clever since love can be a deep cavern that would takes ages to explore or a shallow hole that only offers a brief reprieve of security.

Wyldest’s Dark Matter, however, isn’t one that teases, but rather it is one that embraces the listener. It’s an album that will dazzle every one of your emotions and, thus drawing you in with each listen. Dark Matter is a stunning display of dream pop that few can match, including some of music’s most gifted artists. Not since Dreamboat’s The Rose Explodes has there been an album that as engaging and beautiful as Wyldest’s debut EP.

Dark Matter is out as of Monday, March 21st via Hand in Hive.

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Wyldest - "Dark Matter"

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