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The Matinee March 24th


The Matinee March 24th features songs that should be in movies; bands whose names contain faraway places; and new artists about to make serious in-roads in the competitive industry. Let’s get to the new music.


Antarcticats – “Typhoon” (Atlanta, USA)

Antarcticats - "Typhoon"

We get things started with a little trio from the southern United States. Artarcticats are combining surf-rock, psychedelia, and even a bit of Spaghetti Western to create a spellbinding sound. They just released a new EP, Irregardless, and from that album is the spectacular twister, “Typhoon”. If Tarantino or Soderbergh wanted to create a ’70s spy movie, this song would be perfect on the soundtrack. Break out the bell bottoms and powder blues and start shaking your hips to this great track.

You can hear Irregardless on SoundCloud and pick it up on Bandcamp (below).

Antarcticats are Andrew Joyce (vocals/guitar), Chris Senador (bass), and Chad Miller (drums).

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Loud Forest – “Drag Me/Don’t Drag Me” (Los Angeles, USA)

Loud Forest - "Drag Me_Don't Drag Me"

What is the Alabama Shakes made a pop-rock song? What would they sound like? They would probably sound an awful like “Drag Me/Don’t Drag Me”, the debut single by married couple Rachel and Bernard Chadwick – a.k.a. Loud Forest. There are obvious similarities with the great southern-rock band – the strutting bass lines and guitar strums, the soulful melody at the beginning of the track, and the song’s story about seeking clarity in a relationship. However, the track moves more towards pop-rock, and Loud Forest begin to echo The Cure (or maybe it’s just Bernard’s hair). It’s a pretty cool track, particularly for a debut one.

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ShitKid – “666” (Gothenburg, Sweden)

ShitKid - "666"

Don’t be taken aback by 23-year-old Åsa Söderqvist’s project ShitKid. Yes, the young native of Gothenburg, Sweden has an edgy, post-punk side, but her sound is infectious and catchy like on the lo-fi “666”. And don’t worry, this song isn’t about worshipping the devil, but rather one big middle finger at all the people, particularly one person, who betrayed her and wrongly treated her. It’s post-punk with a melodic, poppy edge – kind of like a younger, 2016 version of Liz Phair.

“666” is the second single from Söderqvist’s, forthcoming, debut EP, which drops April 1st via PNKSLM.

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Vienna Ditto – “Ticks” (London/Oxford, England)

Vienna Ditto - "Ticks"

Another song that is perfectly made for a Tarantino film is “Ticks”, the new single from English duo Vienna Ditto (not to mention another band that has the name of a place not anywhere near them). This little sultry tune blends blues-rock with dashes of electronica to create a track that is both something from the future and the past. It’s been described as “sci-fi blues”, which would be an apt description for this cinematic track. Come to think of it, it’s a song that would be perfect for Dr. Who.

Vienna Ditto are Hatty Taylor and Nigel Firth. “Ticks” is the title track from their forthcoming EP, which drops May 13th via Ubiquity Project Recordings.

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Whitney – “Golden Days” (Chicago/Portland, USA)

Whitney - "Golden Days"The duo Whitney have been celebrated for their Laurel Canyon sound and become one of the most celebrated Americana / folk-rock in the business despite not having released a full-length album. The latter will change soon, as the partnership of guitarist Max Kakacek (ex-Smith Westerns) and singing drummer Julien Ehrlich (ex-Unknown Mortal Orchestra) are getting set to release Light Upon the Lake. The lead single is the blissful and intimate “Golden Days”, which resonates of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young in their heydays. It’s a song perfect for those upcoming, lazy days at the cottage, camping with friends, or spending at home with a loved one after the end of a long day. This fantastic single is just the top of the iceberg on what to expect on Light Upon the Lake, which is set to be released on June 3rd via Secretly Canadian.

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Wild Year – “Adventurous” (Los Angeles, USA)

Wild Year - "Setting Yourself On Fire"

Wild Year are a brand new outfit out of Los Angeles who, like many of the bands on this list, are channeling music of the past for inspiration. For Cole Morrall, Jelena Kiric, Marc Crossland, Darren Rieger, and Will Volkmann, they, too, channel the ’70s, but the stirring disco-, psychedelic, and synth-pop of the era. The band’s latest single (literally released only a few hours ago) is “Adventurous”. This lush single is like waking up on the morning of a day that you’ve been long anticipating to come. It is the return of a loved one returning home after months away, of an opportunity that has finally arrived, or the new day of the next chapter in one’s life. If every adventure was as blissful and beautiful as this track, we would always dive in with two feet and our eyes wide open.

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