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Mundo: Five Late-Night Specialties (by Twin Haus)


One of the unforeseen developments in music since the turn of the century is the rise of post-rock. While the genre has its originals in the mid-90s, the combination of guitar-driven rock, electronica, ambient, and prog-rock started become “trendy” in the early 2000s with the emergence of bands like Sigur Rós, The Amazing, Explosions in the Sky, etc.

The post-rock wave has also spread to Australia, which has become more known for the multitude of bands that have resurrected psychedelic rock. One such group is Twin Haus, a quartet from Brisbane, Australia. They recently released their new EP, Nothing Lavish, which is everything you would expected in a post-rock album – epic, filled with emotional twists, and some scintillating guitar work. Nothing Lavish is more ambient in its vibe than Explosions in the Sky yet edgier than Sigur Rós’ lengthy catalog, but it still has that calming, almost ethereal effect. The one track that stands out is the finale, “The Revue”, an 11-minute, grandiose, whirlwind of a track that incorporates practically every musical genre that has been merged into post-rock. (We would like to think that we were the inspiration of the song, although we know full well we were not).

While the gents of Twin Haus have been busy with the release of their new album, they took some time out to author this week’s Mundo list. The subject they tackled was five songs that define the wee hours of the morning – specifically between 4:00 AM and 4:40 AM. Of course, this late-night specialty list begs the question, “How many people are usually awake at this hour?” We guess there are at least four of them.

This interesting selection of music also gives some insight into the mind of Daniel Grima (guitar/vocals), Zach Degnan (guitar), Iti Memon (bass), and Nicholas McMillan (drums) and the artists who have inspired them. There are some familiar names of the list, but others are truly under-the-radar acts creating some really outstanding – albeit experimental – music. Read and hear their selections below and get lost inside their late-night / early-morning world.

Also take the opportunity to listen to and purchase Nothing Lavish on their Bandcamp page or hear the whole EP on SoundCloud.

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At 4:00 AM… Nisennenmondai – “A” (Tokyo, Japan)

It’s 4 AM and you’ve taken a trundle down a familiar pathway some may call, “getting snipped”. You’re staring at a turned up bottle cap, submerged in the repetitive trance that is Nisennenmondai. Minimal use of instrumentation here has your attention firmly in its grip as you set up shop for the final stint towards 4:40am.


At 4:10 AM… Ben Frost – “Theory of Machines” (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Twisted landscapes are created by Frost in this track. The song builds tremendously. Tones morph from eerily resonant to dark and crushing.


At 4:20 AM… BurialAshtray Wasp” (London, England)

The wet, atmospheric samples and smooth, deep bass are comfortingly melancholic and intensely immersive.


At 4:30 AM… The Field – “They Won’t See Me” (Berlin, Germany via Stockholm, Sweden)

Repetitive, dreamy melodies that sit in equilibrium with a strong, minimal beat create an easy and consistent groove to follow.


At 4:40 AM… Sigur Rós – “Olsen Olsen” (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Way to wind down. A dove-tail flow, rhythm and melody is your “Ode to Bedtime”.


Twin Haus



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