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The Matinee March 25th


The Matinee March 25th edition includes six awesome new tracks. Even though there are some serious events that happened this week, music can be healing and it can uplift a mood along with giving you the strength to carry on. Our thoughts go out to those in Belgium.  We are happy to have many countries represented today including Australia, Belgium and the UK. We hope you find a new track or band that will help make your day a little brighter on this Good Friday. For those of you with a three day weekend, we hope it’s amazing.


BERNACCIA – “Awake” (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)


We previously covered BERNACCIA back in 2014 and they now have new music and a newer sound.

The band has evolved since some of their earlier material and “Awake” is filled with heavy percussion and the lovely vocals of newest member Ellen Chetcuti. The dual vocals and rhythms provided on “Awake” make for a massive anthemic sound that will definitely awaken you and get your blood pumping.

BERNACCIA are currently working on their debut album, Growl Peace Belief which will be out later this year.

BERNACCIA are Jonny Noble: Lead and Vocals,  Ellen Chetcuti: Vocals/Percussion,  Stew Falkous: Synth, Chris Cox: Drums and Kieran Healy: Bass.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Fresco – “Separate” (Brisbane, Australia)

Fresco - "Separate"

Fresco are from Australia and they are almost creating their own cross between dream pop/rock and electro/synth pop. Mr. Balmer’s vocals are hard not to swoon over and for “Separate” being their debut track, we are quite impressed.

The track is super dreamy with thoughtfully placed beats that perfectly frame Mr. Balmer’s soaring vocals. Their sound is expansive and emotional and we actually want to hear more.

We are excited about hearing more from this emerging quartet.

Fresco are Robbie Balmer (vocals), Ryan de Weijer (guitar), Ben Heim (electronics), and Benjamin Shannon (drums).

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Glass Caves – “Alive” (Leeds, England)

Glass Caves - "Alive"

Glass Caves are back with new material. After their debut album, Alive which was released in 2014 they have now followed up with their newest track “Alive” which of course has not been previously released.

The song is super uplifting and euphoric and you can’t help but want to move or sway to it whilst listening. Lead singer Matt Hallas’ vocals are strong, impressive and quite mesmerizing. The track takes you on an emotional journey and truly has you thinking of how you might be able to live your life a little bit fuller and bigger.

Singer Matt Hallas explains the themes of the song as such: “The realisation of knowing you are living a part of your life you will remember forever. A shout of being alive.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

ISLE – “Surrender” (Glasgow, Scotland)

ISLE - "Surrender"

There is something about singers where you can tell they are not from America – it’s refreshing and cool. I still haven’t figured out the phenomenon of bands from all over the world that still sing like they are from America (Beatles, Rolling Stones, AC/DC the list goes on) ISLE is one of those bands where you can tell and it’s that subtle inflection in vocals that hook me in (Think Frightened Rabbit or Biffy Clyro).

ISLE have release an awesome track in “Surrender” which is reminiscent of Passion Pit. The keys and percussion mesh perfectly with Rutherford’s vocals. It’s a song you can definitely relate to which speaks to having to give up a certain situation or relationship and move on.

ISLE are Liam John Rutherford and drummer Ben Singer. We look forward to hearing more from ISLE.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


The Lighthouse – “Weather” (Leuven, Belgium)

The Lighthouse - "Weather"

The Lighthouse are creating some awesome indie rock akin to Two Door Cinema Club. “Weather” is their first release and for another debut track, it has us wanting to hear more.

Lyrically the track is eluding to those first relationships where you have to strike up conversation and talk about the weather to get to know someone a bit better as the relationship starts to grow.

“Weather” is one that definitely warrants you to get up and move. It’s some feel good shimmery pop that can be added to any warm weather playlist and we look forward to the EP release in April.

The Lighthouse is comprised of Willem Schellekens (Keys + Vocals), Bram Knockaert (Guitar + Vocals), Nick Socquet (Guitar), Bastiaan Jonniaux ( Drums), Yannick H’Madoun ( Bass).

This is the lead single from The Lighthouse’s forthcoming, debut EP, Let’s Make A Scene, which drops April 15th.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Silences – “There’s A Wolf” (Armagh, Ireland)

Silences - "There's A Wolf"

Is Anthemic folk a thing? After listening to “There’s A Wolf” by Silences it’s quite perplexing to provide a proper description aside from super impressive and awesome.

The track starts off slow and subtle with simple acoustic guitar and complimentary percussion against really unique and inviting vocals. At the beginning, it could definitely fit into the “folk/singer-songwriter” bucket but at about 2 minutes later the song explodes into a reverby psych rock tune that leaves you desperately wanting more as it was almost two different songs in one. Super disappointed we didn’t get to check them out at SXSW.

“There’s A Wolf” is the latest release from Silences’ forthcoming EP, Luna which is out April 15th.

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