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Saturday Sampler for March 26th


Saturday Sampler for March 26th

Denny  “Bloom” (Minneapolis, USA)

Denny - "Bloom"

We first learned about DENNY last fall and they are back with a new track titled “Bloom”. They have taken a harder rock turn this time as their previous efforts were a bit more pop focused.

“Bloom” is a great rock filled track that showcases the band’s smart guitar work and production skills. As always Alexander Rollins’ vocals are spot on and the band is working towards releasing their first EP.

Alex shares a bit about the track: “We’ve been together since 2010. In 2013, we thought we’d seen the end of playing music together. We were broke, homeless, college dropouts. “Bloom” is a diatribe against “coming of age”. It’s a result of being young and feeling out of place and like we’d missed our chance.”

DENNY is comprised of Alexander Rollins (vocals, guitar, synth), Jack Vondrachek (guitar, production) and Sully on drums.

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Desert Mountain Tribe – “Runway” (London, UK)

desert mountain tribeWhen you think of deserts, you picture vast, expansive spaces; mountains call to mind towering heights with impressive views. So when you see the name Desert Mountain Tribe, your first impression – before hearing their sound – is that they probably make very powerful music. (Note to new bands choosing a name: music critics really do make first impressions based on your name, so choose wisely!)

This London-based psych rock trio does indeed have a sound as big as the cosmos itself. Their debut LP, Either That Or The Moon, released earlier this month on Metropolis Records. It’s a full-throttle sonic assault that grabs your attention and never loosens its grip. DMT have scorching licks akin to The Black Angels (whose sound engineer produced their 2014 EP), but mind you, this is the group’s debut album. Imagine where they will be in a few years’ time. There is no denying this band is on a rocket-fueled trajectory to great heights.

DMT’s U.S. tour kicks off April 3 in New York City and runs through April 21 when they’ll head back to Europe.

Desert Mountain Tribe are South London native Jonty Balls on guitar and vocals, and German brothers Phillipp Jahn on bass and Felix Jahn on drums.

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Ghost King  “Bones 1 & 2” (Bronx, NY, USA)

Ghost King - "Bones 1 & 2"

The grandeur of the rock landscape from the ’60s to the ’90s is brilliantly recaptured by Bronx trio Ghost King on their latest single, “Bones 1 & 2”. The song is an epic beast. The first half tinges with ’60s psychedelic-tinged folk-rock, which would have been perfect at Woodstock. The song then transforms into a gritty, chaotic garage-rocker in the middle portion before easing into a lush, gothic rocker of the ’90s (think The Tea Party). The finale blaze of cascading instruments is just awesome. Live, this will be an absolute monster. It’s one of those “Efff-yeah” songs filled with plenty of those “Eff-yeah” moments. Don’t be surprised to see Ty Segall work with these guys in the near future.

“Bones 1 & 2” is the second song from Ghost King’s forthcoming album, BONES, which will be released on April 1st via Fleeting Youth Records.

Ghost King are Carter McNeil (vocals/guitar), Lee Hayden (bass), and Tom D’agustino (drums).



The Gotobeds – “Real Maths/Too Much” (Pittsburgh, USA)

the gotobedsYou might expect a band whose song includes the word “maths” to be British, but you’d be mistaken. The Gotobeds are an emerging indie punk band from Philadelphia who formed several years ago when they were in college together. Their brand of high-strung, energetic post-punk is reminiscent of Parquet Courts or Protomartyr amped up on Red Bull and vodka, ready to thrash themselves into a sweaty mess on a stage or dance floor. This is the kind of music you can crank on a Monday morning when you need to hit the ground running or on a late Saturday night when you want to achieve maximum mayhem. There is no such thing as “too much” on this song, unless you’re talking about fun. Then it’s just the right amount – no maths required.

The song is from their upcoming second album (which is also their debut release on SubPop Records), the cheekily-titled Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic. It’s due out June 10 and is available for pre-order on their Bandcamp page.

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Lionlimb – “Lemonade” (Nashville, USA)

lionlimbWe featured a single from Nashville indie psych-pop duo Lionlimb back in January, when we mentioned their debut album would be out in March. Shoo released yesterday on Bayonet Records and includes this super catchy, sun-soaked tune. Stewart Bronaugh and Joshua Jaeger have created a perfect indie pop song that’s guaranteed to brighten your day. How can you go wrong with a band that combines the best elements of David Bowie and Elliott Smith? You can grab the album digitally at Lionlimb’s Bandcamp page or on CD/vinyl from Bayonet’s online store.

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Modern Baseball – “Apple Pie, I Don’t Mind” (Philadelphia, USA)

modern baseballPhiladelphia is a hotbed of indie music, and we’ve covered a few of the city’s newest acts, including Hop Along and Sorority Noise. Now we’re shining a spotlight on Modern Baseball. This single is from their third album, Holy Ghost, due May 13 via Run For Cover Records. The song clocks in a few seconds shy of two minutes, but they pack a lot of energy into such a short span. An ode to looking back at past mistakes while moving forward, everything about this song is addictive: the huge hooks, driving percussion, and bold vocals that ask, “Did you ever love me?”

The band is currently touring Australia and will return to Europe in mid-April for 10 shows in The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.

Modern Baseball are: Brendan Lukens (guitar, vocals), Jake Ewald (guitar, vocals), Ian Farmer (bass, vocals), and Sean Huber (drums, vocals).

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RYDER  “Fade Away” (Los Angeles, USA)

RYDER - "Fade Away"

She’s really blown up since we first wrote about Ryder six months ago. She is quickly garnering a huge fan base on both Soundcloud and Spotify. “Fade Away” has not even been out an entire 24 hours and is already close to 40,000 plays.

“Fade Away” is another hypnotic and entrancing track that keeps fans satisfied with each and every release.

Ryder has the perfect mix of unique vocals, strong production elements with world influences that keep her set apart from all the other indie-electro pop that is currently out there today.

It’s a wonder she is still an unsigned artist. Ryder grew up in New York which has helped influence her as NYC is where music, style and lives are ever-changing in a melting pot of culture. She thrives off of the unpredictable, mysterious and colorful vibes of the universe around her, putting her findings into her art in unexpected ways.

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So Below  “Far” (Los Angeles, USA via Auckland, New Zealand)

So Below - "Far"For the past two years, Lorde has been the dominant name associated with the New Zealand music scene. Well, she’s about to have some company as Maddie North – a.k.a. So Below – is a fast-emerging artist on the indie landscape. Yesterday, she released her self-titled, debut EP of “goth-pop”. The last song on it is the cataclysmic “Far”, which is a haunting, stark, and infectious track that combines new wave, synth-pop, and electronica. North’s style is more Karen O than Lorde, but either way a new star is coming from a young woman with serious talent.

So Below’s self-titled debut EP can be purchased on iTunes (US | UK | CAN | NZ). You can also spin each of the four singles on her SoundCloud page. The entire EP is mind-blowingly good.

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The Sun Days – “Don’t Need to Be Them” (Gothenburg, Sweden)

the sun daysSwedish indie-pop band The Sun Days make deliciously sunny dream pop with just a hint of melancholy. We don’t mean sunny as in “sunbathing on California beaches” but rather a “sunlight reflecting off the snow” kind of coolness. Perhaps taking the song’s title to heart, The Sun Days prove they don’t have to be like other mainstream pop acts – or even that other ‘90s-era band whose name is so similar to theirs. Lead singer Elsa Holmgren will mesmerize you with her vocals, while the rest of the band will charm you with their music. Prepare to swoon.

This LP (titled Album) first appeared last summer on their Bandcamp page, but as of March 25 it’s been properly released by Boston label Run For Cover Records.

The Sun Days are: Elsa Holmgren, Joe Enocsson, Simon Boontham, Erik Bjarnar, and Johan Ramnebrink.

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Thandi  “Forgetful” (London, UK)

Thandi - "Forgetful"There is no shortage of electro-pop songs floating around cyberspace, so how do you stand out in the crowd? London-based artist Thandi may have found a great formula. Her debut single, “Forgetful”, is a cosmic groove. Combining a terrific funk beat with a killer electro-pop tinge, the song is a delirious delight. It’s a bit reminiscent of another electro-pop newcomer, MoonZz. If this is the future of electro-pop, sign us up.

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