The Walk Off are not your typical rock band. They’re not like a lot of current rock bands who go out there and try to blow you away by playing three chords while wailing on their guitars, pulverizing the drum kit, and plucking the same D note on the bass. Instead, these three Boston natives are creating music that channels the great era of rock known as the ’90s. Yes, the ’90s, when rock music was diverse and the songs were meaningful and played with a purpose.

Last year, they released for a pretty neat little EP called A Likely Story. The music echoed college-radio rock with its smooth melodies and mid-tempo rock arrangements. Listening to it recalled the early days of Blind Melon, Soul Asylum, Toad The Wet Sprocket, and Gin Blossoms – music that you would completely invest yourself in as you get lost in the stories of the late Shannon Hoon, Dave Pirner, Glen Phillips, and Robin Wilson. The Walk Off have that kind of potential, to make thoughtful music that you want to hear again and again.

It has been nearly a year since Eddy Allen (vocals/guitar), Jake Courlang (bass/vocals), and Carr Bonner (drums/vocals) released their debut EP and to mark the anniversary they are releasing today their brand new single, “She Talks in Technicolor”, which we have the fortune of premiering.

Similar to A Likely Story, “She Talks In Technicolor” is a warm and engaging song. It’s a little different, however, in that the trio mix in some surf- and jangle-rock. The result is a song that mixes the engaging, thoughtful indie rock of The Districts with a touch of Jack Johnson-esque melodies. It’s a cool little tune, perfect for the oncoming warmer weather and the love affairs that blossom at the same time as the roses.

Take a listen to “She Talks In Technicolor” below. Pick up their debut EP on Bandcamp.

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