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The Matinee April 6th


The Matinee April 6th includes six new tracks for your listening pleasure. There is something for everyone today with a range of indie rock, psych rock and folk/singer-songwriter today. We hope you find your new favorite song/band. Today’s artists represent Canada, The US and the UK.


The Bandicoots – “Could You Get Me To Tomorrow?” (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

The Bandicoots - Could You Get Me To Tomorrow?

The Bandicoots have a new track they just released titled “Could You Get Me To Tomorrow”. They also have a snazzy new video to go along with it that you can watch here.

We first shared them a little over a year ago and we’re happy to be able to share some new tracks.

“Could You Get Me To Tomorrow” is the laid back new track from the Canadian quartet who do remind us a bit of Arctic Monkeys. The track is harmonious and addicting and will be a great addition to any one of your upbeat playlists. The track also forces toe-tapping so watch out.

Their newest single is the second one to be released from their upcoming EP, Quarters At The Penny-Arcade.

The Bandicoots are Nicolai Kozel (lead guitar), Andrew Parkinson (drums), Lorant Polya (bass) and Justin Ross (vocals/rhythm guitar)

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Beach Baby – “Lost Soul” (London, England)

Beach Baby - Lost Soul

We have shared a few tracks by London based Beach Baby previously. They are back with their newest track “Lost Soul”. It’s a real awesome track that encompasses post-punk, grunge and even a bit of shoegazing surf rock reminiscent of the 60s.

Beach Baby have been mostly DIY up until this point, but as each new track has impressed with each release, they are now signed to Island Records.

Beach Baby mentions what the track is about: “you feel like a spectator in your own life, and are struggling to find a purpose. We also tried to infuse ‘Lost Soul’ with some of the sex and bravado of Motown, which is a new thing for us.”

“Lost Soul” will be officially released on May 20th via Island Records.

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Jordan Kirk – “Crazy” (Columbus, OH, USA)

Jordan Kirk - "Crazy"

Jordan Kirk is from Ohio and previously released his debut album in 2014 titled Abundant Sunshine.

“Crazy” is his newest single which is simple in composition set against acoustic guitar which allows his inviting vocals to take center stage.  The lyrics are honest and real about a new relationship which compares each individual’s idiosyncrasies.

With welcoming vocals and authentic lyrics, we do feel that Mr. Kirk has what it takes to successfully compete in the folk-singer/songwriter space. He is currently working on a forthcoming album titled, Ragamuffin Parade which should be released sometime in 2016.

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Motions – “Back To Where I Begun” (Dublin, Ireland)

MOTIONS - "Back To Where I Begun"

Motions are an alternative rock band based in Dublin formed by Tom Daly and Dave Nulty in 2015. With powerful vocals accompanied by minimalist textures and driving guitars, their sound ranges from shimmering soundscapes to bold anthemic rock.

“Back To Where I Begun” is their debut track and it’s a great first showing for this new and emerging band. The track is fully encompassing with introspective lyrics and a sound that feels like it immediately commands your attention.

The track (directly from the band) is about “contemplating starting over when you’re close to the point of no return.”

“Back To Where I Begun” is officially released on i-Tunes/Spotify on April 28th.

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PALMSY – “You’re Far Too Cool For Me” (Utrecht/Haarlem, Netherlands)

Palmsy - "You're Far Too Cool for Me"

One of my favorite things about Soundcloud is listening to tracks that “sound like” songs I’ve recently listened to. It’s one of the ways I discover new music.  PALMSY ended up popping up in my feed based on what I listen to and I had to share. At first listen I had no idea they were from the Netherlands.

“You’re Far Too Cool For Me” is the newest song they have released and the track is feel good addicting indie rock that you definitely need in your life.

PALMSY is comprised of Morris Brandt, Ties Bogers, Pim van der Meulen and Gilles van Wees.

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West of The Sun – “Siberian Hysteria” (London, England)

West Of The Sun - "Siberian Hysteria"

West of The Sun is a UK based psych rock band and their newest track “Siberian Hysteria” is definitely worth sharing.

“Siberian Hysteria” combines elements of psychedelia with traces of 60s surf rock and a bit of shoegaze. “Siberian Hysteria” is one of their most recent releases and the band is currently working on a debut album release later this year.

West of the Sun is comprised of Luke Ward, Joe Stratton, Michael Howes, Kieran Callinan & Stevie Durkin.

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