Amana Melome' by Myra VidesSinger-songwriter Amana Melome’ first caught our attention back in January 2015 when her Lock and Key EP was released. The EP was refreshing and inventive, combining acid jazz, funk-infused jazz, and 50s-era blues and soul music.

Beyond the music, Melome’s story also fascinated us, as she comes from a family with a long history in music. Her grandfather, Jimmy Woode, was a member of Duke Wellington’s band and performed with Ella Fitzgerald and other great jazz musicians. Her grandmother and mother were singers, and her father, who was born in the Caribbean, remains an active musician in Europe.

Like her grandparents and parents, Melome’, too, has had an extremely active personal and professional career, having lived in Germany, England, the United States, and currently Sweden. Couple her constant moving with a busy touring schedule, it is not difficult to imagine Melome’ having plenty of lonely nights where she’s contemplated the direction of her life and her career, and these intimate thoughts are shared on Melome’s excellent single “If and When”.

The music video for the song, too, explores the different events, places, and people who daily affect our lives. Recorded in stop-motion, the video shows life in New York City, from the swarm of tourists who descend upon Times Square to a couple walking their dogs in Central Park to the birds that occupy the Big Apple’s highest peaks. Even in a city the size of New York, the simplest, most uneventful things happen, and they, too, can affect how we perceive our lives.

The video for “If and When” is below. It was directed by Ynon Lan.

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