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Memories of SXSW ’16 – Summary


Over the past week, we shared the stories of artists who attended SXSW last month. Fifty-three (53) musicians and bands told us about late nights, encountering the characters of Austin, broken vans, last-minute gigs, illnesses, Bill Murray, thunderstorms, sneaking into gigs, finding solace away from the chaos, attending frat parties that are just out of a movie, and, of course, the lack of sleep, fatigue, and the adrenaline rushes. Five days and five nights of non-stop music, eating, drinking, and memories. Here’s a quick overview of who shared what and when.

There is, of course, a little playlist for you to discover these artists’ music. We’ve also put together a gallery of all of their photos for your to peruse while spinning the playlist.



Memories of SXSW ’16 Features

  • Part 1 – Avec Sans, CeaseTone, Drawing North, Khai, Protagonist
  • Part 2 – Blankus Larry, Great American Canyon Band, L.A. Witch, MAINLAND, Sound of Ceres, Twin River
  • Part 3 – DREAMERS, Good English, Pr0files, Stööki Sound, Vivid Dreams
  • Part 4 – Calliope Musicals, Claiming Neptune, Moving Panoramas, Rozes, Spookyland
  • Part 5 – Beverly, Coast Modern, Ninet Tayeb, Pet Sun, The Virginmarys
  • Part 6 – Bizzythowed, Julia Jacklin, Negative Gemini, PUMAROSA, Seratones, Trevor Sensor
  • Part 7 – The Dirty Nil, Evening Darling, Leach, Pretty City, Sofie Winterson
  • Part 8 – The Blancos, The Gills, JR Nelson, Skyes, Slothrust
  • Part 9 – Dead Stars, Future Elevators, Kill J, My Gold Mask, Sons of An Illustrious Father, The Main Squeeze
  • Part 10 – Fable Cry, Humans, Naked Giants, Night Argent, Tangerine


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