The feeling of isolation is something we all have experienced at least once, if not many times, in our lives. Sometimes, though, it is a necessary encounter in order to achieve one’s dreams, find a loved one, or discover something new about oneself. All of these possibilities are communicated in Diana Ebe‘s new single, “Elusive Pleasure”, which we are immensely pleased to premiere today.

The vulnerability that reverberates in the song mirrors Ebe’s personal travels. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Ebe made the long journey to Los Angeles to advance her singing career. Anyone who has made such a life-altering decision will know how the competing emotions of fear, apprehension, loneliness, and hope occupy one’s mind. Even when one finds comfort, there loneliness always lingers, knowing that you’ve left loved ones behind in the pursuit of an elusive goal, continuing to find solace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, and searching endlessly for inspiration in the unknown.

If the song doesn’t get you to feel these emotions, the video will. The scenes shot in the wilderness are stunning and appropriate, as it is a place where loneliness and foreboding abound. It is at these moments where the video is beautifully stark and perfectly captures the mood of the song. As Diana Ebe describes it:

As a whole, the video represents the sadness and the emptiness of “the situation”. Trying to find answers by going to all these places. I see it as the first and last images in my home are the reality and the outside places are my dream. That’s where I go when “it” doesn’t work out like you hope it would. I wanted to capture the feeling of captivity in the reality and the freedom in my dreams.

Enjoy the song and video below. This song is a terrific introduction to a young singer-songwriter whose approach is akin to Lana Del Rey but with a more haunting and ethereal style. The video, meanwhile, shows another side of Ebe’s many gifts, and you might just say, “Alejandro González Iñárritu, eat your heart out!”

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