light wheelMusic for the soul – that’s the best way to describe the cathartic effect of this new single from Austin, Texas-based, indietronica group Light Wheel. The duo of singer/guitarist Tyagaraja and producer/musician Evan Dunivan create some of the most mesmerizing electronic-infused dream-pop we’ve heard lately. “Ein Sof” (a Kabbalah term loosely referring to infinity) flows effortlessly from the syncopated rhythms of its intro until the gentle strings of its finale.

The group’s previously released songs from their upcoming EP evoke imagery of natural elements, including starry skies, fire, and rushing water. Whether intentional or not, this trend continues on “Ein Sof” with its connotations of wind and moonlight, always an evocative combination.

Tyagaraja’s vocals have a rich warmth that pairs beautifully with the understated elegance of the production. The peacefulness that pervades this track makes it an ideal soundtrack for meditation or yoga, which is appropriate since Tyagaraja is a yoga practitioner and instructor. Music fans who appreciate songs that inspire and enhance a contemplative mindset will delight in this haunting, ethereal track that enchants from start to finish. Hear this terrific single below.

“Ein Sof” (and Light Wheel’s other singles) can be purchased from their Bandcamp page.

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