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Three weeks ago, we were introduced to married duo Rachel and Bernard Chadwick, who are better known as Loud Forest. At the time, they had released their debut single, “Drag Me/Don’t Drag Me”, a catchy art-pop song that merged together pop, soul, and indie rock. The song gave the sense that the Chadwicks shared a common, musical foundation from which to build upon, namely experimental pop music.

Well, this first impression couldn’t be further from the truth, as the two have different – and some would say polarizing – musical tastes. Rachel leans towards music that is abstract and experimental, like an artist who dabbles in broad concepts and vivid aesthetics yet somehow ties every idea together into one stunning piece of work. Bernard, meanwhile, is linear in his approach, taking a direct and minimal approach like an engineer or architect tasked with building a bridge to connect the two shores. A uniter you could call him.

Despite their difference approaches, they make it work. Like Paula Abdul once said, opposites attract – or in this case, they fall in love and utilize their different skills to create music that is clever, innovative, and ear-popping delightful. It’s not cookie-cutter music that they’re creating, but one that follows in paths set by great innovators like Deerhoof, Deerhunter, The Dirty Projectors, and St. Vincent.

Today, Loud Forest are sharing their latest single, “Under Your Spell”, which we have the immense honor of premiering today. The new single reveals the brilliance behind the two as well as how they’ve taken their distinct approaches and made the complementary to the other’s interests. The song is minimalist and subtle, yet it feels full and expansive. And like “Drag Me/Don’t Drag Me”, the two have masterfully melded together various genres to create a unique art-pop tune – merging folk and pop melodies, adopting the dual-harmony approach of modern-day indie-folk, and the stuttering rhythms and loops heard on the experimental pop of tUnE-yArDs. The song is a grower and with each listen you’ll soon fall under Loud Forest’s spell, which is a dazzling and even quirky reinterpretation of today’s indie music.

The Chadwicks are in the midst of completing their self-titled, debut album, which is expected May 27th. In the meantime, follow Loud Forest at: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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